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The Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (UTB) identifies itself as "an excellent educational project of the Colombian Caribbean region for the World". Located in the city of Cartagena de Indias in the department of Bolivar, Colombian Caribbean region, UTB seeks the realization of a high quality educational program, which, in constant contact with the real world can, in addition to forming high-level human talent, also generate knowledge and intervene and bring new concepts for social and related business transformation.

The Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar understands that the best way to train complete and competitive professionals in an entrepreneurial university is not only by expanding the number of programs offered, but also by enrichening these programs in the areas of theoretical and empirical research.

From this perspective, the UTB has been conducting strategic planning processes in a systematic way, which enabled the assessment of trends in the various productive sectors at regional, national and international level, against the development of higher education and its development projections in the medium and long term. From these scenarios the University, through processes of collective participation, has formulated and updated its mission, vision and strategic actions, recognizing its entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to research, academic excellence and responsibility in the entrepreneurial, economic and social development of the Colombian Caribbean region.

All these processes have strongly directed the University’s efforts towards an ongoing development towards institutional accreditation, as the UTB is aware of the fact that this represents a recognition and an incentive for the consolidation of an educational project that is at the same time a structural pillar of a broader development project for the Caribbean region and Colombia.

UTB’s mission is to be an institution of education and research with entrepreneurial spirit, where the academic community, students and teachers, businessmen and society, can meet in a proper environment to share a critical, flexible and global educational project, through which they can learn to Know, Do, Live Together and Be, within high academic standards and a sense of social responsibility leading to the improvement of the quality of life of the town and the entire Caribbean region.

UTB’s institutional vision is to become a national reference point for higher education with a global vocation and acting as a strategic partner of the business sector for the economic, human and social development.

The University has strategic allies with various institutions such as:

• The Pontifical University of Valencia
• The University of Girona
• The University of Murcia
• The University of Alcalá
• The Financial Training Centre
• The University of Cincinnati
• Cienfuegos University
• The University of Applied Sciences

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Contact info #1

Ivan Ligardo
+57 5 653 5200
Research Coordinator
+57 5 661 9240
Parque Industrial y Tecnologico Carlos Velez Pombo, Km 1 Via Turbaco, Cartagena de Indias, Bolivar, Colombia

Undergraduate Courses

Professional Courses

Faculty of Engineering:

• Industrial Engineering (SNIES 20215)
• Systems Engineering (SNIES20211)
• Mechanical Engineering (SNIES 20216)
• Mechatronics Engineering (SNIES 20223)
• Electrical Engineering (SNIES 20218)
• Electronic Engineering (SNIES 20212)
• Civil Engineering (SNIES 20227)
• Environmental Engineering (SNIES 20514)
• Chemical Engineering (SNIES 4017)
• General Engineering

Faculty of Economics and Business:

• Economy (SNIES 20217)
• Business Administration (SNIES 20209)
• Public Accounting (SNIES 20210)
• Finance and International Business (SNIES 20226)

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences:

• Law - New - (SNIES 101524)
• Psychology - (SNIES 20214)
• Social Communication - (SNIES 20222)
• Political Science and International Relations - (SNIES 51738)

Technical & Technological Courses

Systems Technology (SNIES 53825)
Technology in Accounting and Financial Management (SNIES 54721)
Technology in International Carriage of Goods Logistics (SNIES 54808)
Technology in Petrochemical Plant Operation (SNIES 90705)
Technology in Tourism Management (SNIES 54607)

Postgraduate Courses


Faculty of Economics and Business:

• Specialization in Economics aimed at professionals not economists in agreement with the Universidad de los Andes (SNIES 91395)
• Specialization in International Business Management (SNIES 51891)
• Specialization in Health Services Management (SNIES 20205)
• Specialization in Tax Management (SNIES 101719)
• Specialization in Marketing Management (SNIES 20208)
• Specialization in Business Management (SNIES 20204)
• Specialization in Finance (SNIES 20219)

Faculty of Engineering:

• Specialization in Telematic Networks (SNIES 51891)
• Specialization in Environmental Business Management (SNIES 52931)
• Specialization in Production and Quality Management (SNIES 20243)
• Specialization in International Transport Logistics (SNIES 20244)
• Specialization in automation and industrial process control (SNIES 54225)
• Specialization in Project Management (SNIES 54011)
• Specialization in Human Resources Management (SNIES 54012)
• Specialization in Maintenance Management (SNIES 53749)
• Specialization in Telecommunications (SNIES 53693)

Faculty of Technical and Technological Studies:

• Technological Specialization in Systematization and Data Management (SNIES 101876)

Faculty of Education:

• Specialization in Management of Educational Institutions


Faculty of Economics and Business:

• Executive MBA (SNIES 54942)
• Professional MBA (SNIES 54942)
• Master in Development and Environment (SNIES 91252)
• Master in Development and Culture (SNIES 53748)
• Master in International Business and Integration (SNIES 53919)
• Masters in Business and Tourism Organizations (SNIES 54026)

Faculty of Engineering:

• Masters in Naval and Oceanic Engineering (SNIES 91097)
• Masters in Production Engineering (SNIES 90958)
• Masters in Integral Logistics (SNIES 55062)
• Master of Innovation Management (SNIES 54213)

• Master in Engineering (SNIES 53005)

Faculty of Education:

• Master of Education (SNIES 101918)

Continuing Education

Diplomas such as:

Name: Labour law and social security
Faculty: Social and Human Sciences
Name: International logistics and port management
Faculty: Business and Economy
Name: Prevention and intervention in school violence
Faculty: Social and Human Sciences
Name: Administration condos, FENALCO convention
Faculty: Business and Economy
Name: Professional skills for performance as health visitor at commercial level
Faculty: Business and Economy
Name: Preparation for the examination for stock trading
Faculty: Business and Economy
Name: ICT for journalists and media workers
Faculty: Social and Human Sciences

Courses such as:

Name: Microsoft Project (Advanced)
Faculty: Engineering
Name: Update Microsoft Office
Faculty: Engineering
Name: Finite element structural analysis
Faculty: Engineering
Name: Selection, operation and maintenance of pumps
Faculty: Engineering
Name: International accounting standards and financial reporting IAS / IFRS
Faculty: Business and Economy
Name: Macroeconomics, UNIANDES agreement
Faculty: Business and Economy
Name: Public Economics, UNIANDES agreement
Faculty: Business and Economy

Seminars such as:

Name: The corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting
Faculty: Business and Economy
Name: Lean Manufacturing: a competitive advantage of the XXI century
Faculty: Engineering
Name: Social Techniques
Faculty: Social and Human Sciences

Virtual education

The Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar has an important platform for virtual education, called Virtual Interactive Learning System, which provides multiple services for the development of virtual, semi-virtual and ICT supported programs. This platform is managed by the UTB Directorate of Education Virtual.

In this way the university position itself at the forefront of the demands in the world of technology, offering a platform with broad coverage to support important academic programs, in which teachers and students participate interactively and without barriers of time and space.

Facilities and Equipment

The Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar has the necessary equipment and tools to provide education which include laboratory equipment, design rooms, recording studios and practice rooms for the psychology programs.

Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar

  • Campus de Laureles Circular 1 No. 70 01, Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 2 653 5210
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