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EMCOCABLES S.A., was founded in March of 1960 by a group of Colombian industrialists and the Paulsen Wire Rope Corporation, a North American steel wire rope manufacturer. This company contributed their technology as well as technical expertise to EMCOCABLES.

The decade of the 70's marked the initiation of product diversification. This diversification included such products as: tire bead wire, wires and strands for the pre-stressing of concrete, galvanized wire for electrical conductors, overhead static (ground) wire, as well as other wires and strands for different uses.

At the end of 1988, EMCOCABLES began production of aluminum clad steel wire and strands for electrical uses, with extra high resistance against corrosion.

EMCOCABLES S.A. mainly exports 50% of its total production; the company sells to over 20 countries. These products are always supported and backed up by quality, fulfillment and excellent performance in use.

At a national level, companies such as ISA, Public Companies of Medellin, Antioquia Energy Company, Miners of Antioquia, Porticos, Codensa, ECOPETROL, Intercor-El Cerrejon, Drummond, Goodyear of Colombia, and Michelin are among the most notable of the many companies who put their trust in the excellent performance of EMCOCABLES products.

Quality Management

EMCOCABLES maintains with a Quality Managenment System, certified by ICONTEC IQNet, and based on ISO 9001. We control every step of the manufacturing process, based on quality plans for every product.

In order to achieve this quality, EMCOCABLES created a quality department in order to head the process of standardization and quality management, a department headed by the General Manager.

The levels of quality control are: Evaluation and provider selection, inspection and base material testing, statistical process control, process control, tracking, Metrologic check, and lab testing for final products.

EMCOCABLES's products are designed and manufactured to comply with national, international, regional, or individual standards, including:

  • American Petroleum Institute (A.P.I. Standard 9A),
  • American Federal Specification (RR-W-410D),
  • American Society For Testing & Materials (ASTM),
  • International Organization for Standardization (I.S.O).
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Contact info #1

Fernando Caballero
+57 1 376 6030
General Manager
+57 1 866 1902
Kilometro 5.5 via a Cajica, Zipaquira, Bogota, Colombia

Steel wires & strands for prestressed concrete

Steel wires

EMCOCABLES manufactures a wide variety of high carbon wires. Included are wires for reinforced concrete used as structural support in the pre-stressed, post tension and pre-cast industries. EMCOCABLES produces in accordance to all internationality recognized specifications such as ASTM, UNE, NTC and others. The wires are used specifically for pre-tensed structures.



Generally, strands are comprised of one central wire and six external wires rolled helicoidally around the central wire. These strands are manufactured bright or galvanized conditions and/or extruded with high-density polythene, according PTI and other recognized standards.

Standards NTC 2010 and ASTM A 416.


Properties of Coating

The Zinc used for the coating of the wires that comprise galvanized strand is of the highest purity grade, SHG (Special High Grade), in accordance with ASTM B 6 standard. This guarantees the formation of a Zinc-Iron bond sufficiently strong in order to achieve the most efficient galvanic protection of the steel.

The mass of the Zinc coating in g/m2 should be homogenous over the entire length of the wires, meeting the requirements and/or standards previously agreed up with the client, for example: ASTM A 475, BS 183 (British Standard), ASTM A 363, EMCOCABLES standards and/ or client standards.

In addition to 7 wire strands, EMCOCABLES manufactures two wire strand and three wire strands, based on customer and/or international standards. EMCOCABLES also produces indented strands based on the ASTM A 886 standard.

Extruded strands

The break load properties, 1% elongation load, lay length, and diameter are the same required properties as the uncoated strand. These are properties that are established by the ASTM A 416 standard and shown in tables 2 and 3.

The specifications for the coating established by the Post-Tensioning Institute are as follows:

Coating (jacket) Properties

  • High resistance and durability to avoid damage to the strand during manufacturing, transport, installation and or tensioning.
  • Hermetic seal over the entire length of the coating.
  • Will not react to concrete, steel, nor the corrosion inhibitor (grease).
  • The minimum thickness of the coating (jacket) should not be less than 1.00mm (0.040”) for high density polyethylene and/or polypropylene, of high density or its equivalent if other materials are requested.
  • The internal diameter of the coating (jacket) should be at least 0.76mm (0.030”) greater than the maximum diameter of the strand.

Corrosion Inhibitor

The covering for the corrosion inhibiting materials must have the following properties:

  • Must be chemically stable and not react with steel, the jacket material, or concrete.
  • Must have the necessary polarity to reject humidity.
  • Provide adequate lubrication between the strand and jacket.

Product informational files

Products for electrical & telecommunication uses

Steel wires and strands coated with type AS aluminum for type ACSR/AS/AW electrical conductor cores steel wires.

The high mechanical resistance, good conductivity, excellent resistance to corrosion, and compatibility with solid aluminum cables, make AS/AW wires and strands very attractive as a core for ACSR (ACSR/AS/AW) type conductors.

When the aluminum clad wires are used as reinforcing elements, they combine a  high mechanical resistance characteristics with their electrical conductivity improving the performance of the conductors.

The wires are manufactured in accordance with the AST B 502 standard, and the strands are manufactured in accordance with the ASTM B Standard.

Steel wires & strands for ACSR type electrical conductor cores

With the rapid development of power plants, the ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) presents itself as the standardized conductor for energy transmission. The galvanized wire and the galvanized cable for ACSR must exhibit consistency, both mechanically and physically  due to the fact that it constitutes the primary support for aluminum conductors that span large distances.


Product informational files

Products for the petroleum & mining industries

Wire Ropes




With EMCOCABLES produced Improved Plow Steel as the base material, and using aluminum or steel rods placed under high pressure, EMCOCABLES is able to manufacture slings to the highest international standards.

Product informational files

Products for the fishing industry - Galvanized steel wire ropes

Super B Shrimp
Super B fish

The galvanized steel cables for fishing, SUPER B SHRIMP, and SUPER B FISH, are manufactured by EMCOCABLES, and designed according to the severe conditions realized by fishing boats.

The company's high quality is known in the industry to outperform the standard ropes in both resistance and longevity.

The production of our wire ropes for fishing is carefully constructed during the threading, galvanizing, stranding, and closing, processes adhering to the strictest international standards for fishing ropes. Every production stage includes a heightened inspection and internal testing to ensure superior performance in the demanding environment it is used in.

All company's wire ropes for fishing are extra strong, resistant to tension, and heavily galvanized.

This grouping of factors makes the company's wire ropes resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and flattening, as well as exhibiting a great flexibility, an important characteristic for this type of wire ropes.

The individual diameter of the wires, the geometric design of the strands has been technically and carefully calculated in order to give our SUPER B fishing wire ropes superior physical properties.

The polypropylene core is specifically designed for our fishing cables. It is dense, uniform, and resistant to seawater.  It has all of the best characteristics of a natural fiber core, but none of its disadvantages.

Products for the Automotive Industry

Control Wire Ropes

Also known as Guayas, Control Cables are typically comprised of smaller diameters used for brakes, clutches, power windows and accelerators wire ropes in cars and trucks. The most common constructions are: 1x12, 1x19, 1x32, 1x37, 1x14, 6x7, 7x7, and 6x12. They can be of polished, or galvanized finish, and their diameters can vary from 3/64 to 3/8 of an inch.

Tire Bead

With the technical assistance of the U.S based National Standard Company, EMCOCABLES S.A. produces wire for tire bead, one of the most technologically demanding steel products to produce  due to its stringent quality requirements.

In its modern copper coating plant, the company produce wires for tire bead wire for cars, bicycles, and motorcycles.

Products for agro-industrial sector

Galvanized Steel Wire For EMCOAGRO
Type Electrical Fence, and Greenhouse Strands

EMCOCAGRO offers you greater resistance because it covers more meters per kilogram of wire. It is also easier to transport.

EMCOAGRO type wire is manufactured using SAE 1040 to SAE 1070 steel. This steel gives greater tensile strength as compared to barbed wires usually manufactured with a low carbon content. This greater mechanical strength translates to a lower kg/m, making this fence, lower in costs per meter installed. Additionally, the EMCOAGRO presents other comparative advantages to barbed wire, such as ease of installation, transport, less weight, and a greater zinc coating that gives a high resistance to corrosion.

EMCOCABLES manufactures a wide range of wires with high carbon content, included PC wire.

Products for the elevators sector

Traction Drive Ropes

This is a flexible element made up of one or more steel strands and a central element made of strong natural fiber, or a synthetic core. It is the cores responsibility to sustain and transmit the movement of the barrel machine and counterweight.

The Governor Ropes

This is the element designated to balance the weight of traction or suspension cables during the stringing process, in a form in which the load on the axis of the traction machine is constant in order have an established load from the cabin.


The core is the central element in the cable around which the strands are wrapped. It is recommended that the core for elevator cables be of natural fiber, durable, and can be of Agave, or Hemp, auto lubricated.

These are manufactured according the requirements set forth in the ISO 4345 Standard.

Products for the springs sector

Springs for the Mattress Industry

EMCOCABLES manufactures a wide range of wires for springs in uses in different industries, such as the automotive industry, and especially, the mattress industry.

The mechanical characteristics are obtained directly through the drawing process only for diameters less than 2 mm; where the wire can require one or more thermal treatment processes (Patented).

Wires for the mattress industry are manufactured in accordance to the NTC 684 standard. Wires for the automotive industry and others comply with the NTC 114 standard.

Emcocables S.A.

  • Kilómetro 5.5 vía a Cajicá, Zipaquirá, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 376 6030
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