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RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA, is a technological innovation program which acts as an accelerator for the development of R&D activities in four technological fields: Electronics and Telecommunications, Virtual Technology, Engineering and Design, as well as  Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, to promote technology-based entrepreneurship.


RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA aims to support the development of innovative technology-based projects in order to generate products and services that contribute to the economic growth and competitiveness of the country.


  • Develop joint actions targeted towards innovation,
  • Ensure technology transfer to and from the productive sector.


  • Τechnical assistance for developing customized projects in the R&D sector,
  • Adaptation and technology transfer,
  • Generation and social appropriation of knowledge,
  • Access to physical and technological infrastructure.


  • Productivity and competitiveness,
  • The generation and social appropriation of knowledge,
  • Technology-based entrepreneurship,
  • The National Knowledge System,
  • The institutional strengthening of SENA.

RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA has established strategic alliances from the education, science, technology and innovation, public, private and governmental sectors that favor its operations and promote sustainability.


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Contact info #1

Elizabeth Ortiz
+57 1 546 1500
Calle 57 No. 8-69, Bogota, Colombia

Lines of Development

The lines of development of RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA cover the strategic areas of knowledge and emerging technologies. Currently, the RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA, specializes its services in the following fields:

Virtual Technology:

  • Mobile Applications,
  • Digital Television Applications,
  • Artificial and Computational Intelligence,
  • Virtual Reality and Simulation,
  • Digital Animation,
  • Videogames,
  • 2D and 3D Production,
  • Software Development.

Electronics and Telecommunications:

  • Process Control,
  • Automation,
  • Applied Robotics,
  • Micro Controllers ARM,
  • Digital TV Hardware Development. - Signal and Protocol Analysis,
  • IPV6 - Internet Protocol version 6,
  • Networking and Antennas.

Engineering and Design:

  • Design and Simulation,
  • Reverse Engineering,
  • Prototyping.

Biotechnology and Nanotechnology:

RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA aims to accelerate technology-based projects in the following areas:

  • General Industry,
  • Animals and Plants,
  • Agribusiness,
  • Nanotechnology (Clean Technologies and New Materials),
  • Alternative Energy.

Technical Assistance

RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA is equipped with software and hardware laboratories and a team of professionals with experience and academic background in the analysis, planning, design, development, testing and simulation of technology-based innovative projects and prototypes.

Knowledge Exchange

RED TECNOPARQUE COLOMBIA – PROGRAMA SENA promotes knowledge exchange between academies, the productive and governmental sectors and the community, through outreach events, such as:

  • Theoretical and Practical Workshops,
  • Forums,
  • Festivals,
  • Contests,
  • Days of technology-based entrepreneurship awareness.

Red Tecnoparque Colombia – Programa Sena

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