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UNIMINUTO – CORPORACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA MINUTO DE DIOS, is a recognized academic institution located in the city of Villavicencio, Colombia. UNIMINUTO is a sustainable institution that provides a wide variety of educational opportunities to its students through new technologies and advanced management and technological programs promoting academic advances, innovation and cooperation initiatives at the same time.

The educational system of UNIMINUTO is inspired by Christianity, the Gospel and the Eudist spirituality and is mainly focused on:

  • Providing high quality education favoring those who do not have access to higher education through an innovative, comprehensive and flexible educational model.
  • Forming excellent human beings with the support of competent and qualified professionals, committed to social transformation and sustainable development.
  • Contributing to the development of a reconciled and peaceful society.


In the next 5 years, UNIMINUTO aims to be recognized nationally and internationally as a higher education institution, inspired by Christianity, who has the support of competent professionals and entrepreneurs and contributes to the development of the community and the society in general.


UNIMINUTO is committed to providing high quality higher education services, strengthening the formation of an organizational culture that is focused on meeting the needs of its stakeholders, through the continuous improvement of processes, as well as the efficient use of resources and information systems.


  • Program Accreditation,
  • Recognition,
  • Social Projection,
  • Development of a Culture of Service,
  • Continuous Improvement of Processes,
  • Continuous Education,
  • Continuous Modernization of Infrastructure and Information systems.
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Contact info #1

Jairo Cortes
+57 8 681 8810 Ext: 4503
Llanos Regional Vice Chancellor
+57 8 672 7615
Calle 40 No: 33? – 32 Centro, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Contact info #2

Carlos Hernan Perez
+57 8 6818810 Ext: 4510
Financial & Administrative Manager
+57 8 672 7615
Calle 40 No: 33? – 32 Centro, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Contact info #3

Nubia Estella Cruz
+57 8 681 8810 Ext: 4515
Research Coordinator
+57 8 672 7615
Calle 40 No: 33? – 32 Centro, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Contact info #4

Marco Antonio Gutierrez Cardenas
+57 8 681 8810 Ext: 4565
Coordinating Unit of Engineering and Basic Sciences
+57 8 672 7615
Calle 40 No: 33? – 32 Centro, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Pre-graduate and Postgraduate Studies

UNIMINUTO offers pre-graduate and postgraduate studies in the form of distance and presential courses in the following faculties:

Pre-graduate Studies:

  • Business Administration - Distance Courses,
  • Business Administration - Presential Courses,
  • Occupational Health Management,
  • Financial Management,
  • Social Communication - Journalism,
  • Public Accounting,
  • Childhood Education,
  • Psychology,
  • Graphic Communication Technology,
  • Crop Production,
  • Technology in Software Development,
  • Livestock Production.

Postgraduate Studies:

  • Specialization in Project Management,
  • Specialization in Educational Management.

Research Groups

UNIMINUTO is equipped with accredited research groups for promoting and coordinating research and technology development within the faculties. The University’s research activities are performed through four distinctive research lines:

• Social Management, Participation and Development of the Community,
• Social and Productive Innovations,
• Human Development and Communication,
• Education, Social Transformation and Innovation.

Research Group

Research Incubator

Research Line


SIAS (Integrated System for Social Research)

Education, Social Transformation and Innovation

El faro


Social and Productive Innovations


GRINCEMI (CERES Mitú Research Group)

Education, Social Transformation and Innovation

Human Development and Communication


MOVILSOFT Research Incubator on Software Development

ASOC (Sustainable Ecosystems of Orinoquia)


Social and productive innovations

Education, Social Transformation and Innovation



Social Management, Participation and Development of the Community

‘Trabajo de Llano’ Research Group

The research group ‘Trabajo de Llano’ facilitates interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge through educational research processes that lead to the formulation and implementation of projects with high regional impact. Trabajo De Llano is formulated through three different axes:

  • The training, that has as a goal to strengthen skills that allow not only for the design and management of research projects, but also for the consolidation of knowledge and academic recognition under the criteria established by Colciencias.
  • The consolidation of the research group, through the recognition of its specialized technology and communication laboratories, including the laboratories of the Educational Development Centre (CED) of UNIMINUTO. Additionally, the Directorate for Inter-Institutional Relations and Projects allows not only teachers, but students as well, to actively participate in research activities and be able to generate proposals, through research projects and internships and the systematization of social or business practices.
  • The third axis is the creation of strategic alliances with governmental entities and individuals of the regional, national and international scene. Currently, the University is managing agreements with the Ministry of Culture, the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation and the Municipal and Departmental Secretaries of Education, among others, in addition to its collaborative work with governments, such as those of Cuba and Bulgaria.


UNIMINUTO’s ‘Technology in Software Development’ program has been certified under Resolution No. 01354 of February 3, 2015 by the Ministry of Education for the provision of curriculum in informatics. This software development program is a continuation and evolution of UNIMINUTO’s current Computing Technology program.

Research Projects

Movilsoft Research Group - Research Project: Evaluation of the current state of software systems in the oil palm sector in the department of Meta.


Orinoquia ICT Research Group - Project: Implementation of a software system for the storage of information related to the university courses.



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