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Rosatom is a state-controlled holding company, specialising in nuclear technology, the construction of nuclear power plants/reactors and nuclear weapons for defence platforms. Rosatom controls nuclear power holding Atomenergoprom, nuclear weapons companies, research institutes and nuclear and radiation safety agencies. It also represents Russia in the world in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy and protection of the non-proliferation regime. Rosatom manages the Russian fleet of nuclear icebreakers through Atomflot. Today, Rosatom is a global actor on the world’s nuclear technology market and encorporates companies from all stages of the technological chain, such as uranium mining and enrichment, nuclear fuel fabrication, equipment manufacture and engineering, operation of nuclear power plants, and management of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste. Nowadays, Rosatom encompasses more than 350 enterprises and organisations with the workforce above 250 K. The company runs all Russian nuclear assets, both civilian and military, totaling over 360 business and research units, including the worlds only nuclear icebreaker naval fleet. It brings together nuclear power and power engineering assets, as well as NPP design and construction.

Rosatom is the largest electricity generating company in Russia, producing 196.37 billion kWh of electricity in 2016 (or 18.3% of the country’s total generation of electricity) and holds first place for the largest portfolio of foreign construction projects (34 NPPs in 12 countries). Rosatom also produces annually approximately 3,000 tons of uranium domestically (40% of the worlds enriched Uranium), and some 5,000 tons in other countries thereby holding 2nd place in the World in terms of uranium deposits ownership and taking the lead in global uranium enrichment services by covering 17.7% of the global nuclear fuel market. Raw materials of the Russian and foreign deposits (particularly in Kazakhstan) will be enough to supply both domestic and international projects of Rosatom for the next hundred years.

Other 2016 highlights:

  • No events rated level 2 or above on the INES scale;
  • Number of simultaneously implemented nuclear reactor construction projects (8 in Russia and 34 abroad)
  • R&D investments: 4.5% of revenue.

Rosatom is currently building 37% of nuclear reactors under construction worldwide, generally of the OKB Gidropress VVER type. Fennovoima, an electricity company in Finland, announced in September 2013 that it had chosen the OKB Gidropress VVER AES-2006 pressurized water reactor for a proposed power-generating station in Pyhäjoki, Finland. The construction contract is estimated to be worth 6.4 billion euros.

Rosatom also received $66.5 billion of foreign orders in 2012, including $28.9bn for nuclear plant construction, $24.7bn for uranium products and $12.9bn for nuclear fuel exports and associated activities.

The Russian Government has set three major goals for Rosatom: ensure sustainable development of the Nuclear Weapons Complex; increase nuclear contribution in electricity generation (to 25%-30% by 2030) with continued safety improvement; and strengthen the country’s position on the global market of nuclear technology, by expanding traditional markets and winning new ones.


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