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Smartec is a design office that was founded in 2001 as a Joint Venture between SNECMA, the majority partner with 70%, and the Russian engine-maker NPO Saturn JSC, with 30%. The company specializes in the design of different types of propulsion systems and power generators, including aircraft engines, automotive transmissions and other rotating machinery. Smartec has been engaged in the development of Safran's engines (LEAP, Silvercrest, SaM146) for 15 years, contributing its wealth of expertise, competence and efficiency in a number of areas such as development and digital modelling in the field of aerothermodynamics, general dynamics, mechanics, as well as testing in TsIAM (Central Institute of Aviation Motors) and at Poluyevo Open Test Bench.

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Smartec Samara Offices
+7(846) 273 43 55, 303 03 43
+7(846) 273 43 56
Rue Bouyanova, 1 443041 Samara, Russia


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