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United Engine Corporation (UEC) is a vertically-integrated company producing engines for military and civil aviation, commercial programs, equipment of various strengths for generating electric and heat energy, gas pumping systems and marine gas-turbine units. UEC unites more than 85% of the industry assets and is a subsidiary company of the OPK (United Industrial Corporation) OBORONPROM.

UEC’s mission is: to restore and support modern engineering ideas in the country, in the field of creating gas turbine technology, thanks to problem-solving development and organization of mass production of modern engines that can compete on the world market; to raise in the country a new generation of engineers, designers, and production organizers, who can create examples of new, world—class technologies.

UEC’s prime areas of focus are: Engines for military aircraft; Engines for civil aircraft; Helicopter engines; Rocket engines; Industrial gas-turbine engines; Marine engines.

Key figures: UEC’s total business receipts for 2009 — 67 billion rubles; Total number of employees — 80,700; In 2009 UEC made and delivered to customers more than 400 engines for civil and military aircraft, and produced 75 industrial gas-turbine assemblies, 53 of which have been put into service.

Projects: Military engine of the next generation; Prospective engines with thrust of 9-18 tons for civil and military aircrafts; Prospective helicopter engines; Bolshaya Energetica (Big Energy) – Turboshaft engine with 60-110; Turboshaft engine with up to 60 mW.

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United Engine Corporation (UEC)

  • 16 Budyonny Avenue , 105118, Moscow, Russia
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