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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics

Founded in 2001, COFITEL provides a wide range of electronic manufacturing services with a sustainable combination of competitive labour cost and technology mastering to the following industries: embedded (aerospace, railways), industrial (medical, automation). The company is ISO 9001: 2008, AS 9100, EN 9100: 2003/S1 and JISQ 9100: 2004 certified.

Technology: SMD Mounting; Wave Soldering; Wired Finishing; Wrapping Crimping; In-Circuit Test; Burn-In.

Process: SMD leaded and lead free; soldering Lead and lead free; Clean and no clean; Wrapping, crimping, soldering; Pasting; Varnish (2009).

Tests: In-Circuit Test; Continuity Test isolation.

Aerospace activities: High-tech products under EN9100 certification; Dedicated platforms for: components preparation, SMD, wave soldering, welding wire and crossing components, in circuit testing; State-Of-The-Art skilled staff for wired installation, achievement of complex strands for electronic boards; Production in IPC Class 3; Traceability; Special process: bonding, burn-in ovens VRT, Vigon cleaning; Controls : X-ray, in-circuit, Press fit. References: Airbus, Boeing.

Industrial and medical activities: Dedicated platforms: preparation components, SMD, wave soldering, welding components crossing, in circuit tests, X-ray control; SMD large and medium series; Press fit.


  • 20 rue de la Chimie, 2033, 2033 Megrine, Tunisia
  • (+216) 71 428 593
  • (+216) 71 433 750
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