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Nudelman Precision Engineering Design Bureau (KBtochmash) is traditionally one of the leading Russian companies developing defence technologies and systems for the armed forces and services including land forces, navy, air forces and others. The enterprise specializes in the development of high-precision forward line weapons.


KBtochmash was founded in 1934 and since that time it has designed and developed the following gun, missile and missile / gun systems:

Aircraft Weapons - large-calibre aircraft guns of the World War II and post-war period: NS-37, NS-23, NS-45, N-37, NR-23, NR-30, R-23 and others. For many years the guns were main aviation arms of Soviet aircrafts; one of the first in the USSR air-to-surface unguided missiles S-5, S-8, S-25 and their modifications that were used as effective and sustainable weapon in local wars; unique guided missile system of modular design known as S-25 system that includes missiles S-25L, S-25LD and their modifications.

Anti-Tank and Tank Arms - the country first radio controlled anti-tank missile system Falanga and its modifications for naval and helicopter mounts; the world first tank guided weapon system Kobra marked the beginning of unique missile systems as well as its modifications – guided systems Zenit and Agona.

Air Defense Systems - the country first self-propelled SAM system at close-in defensive line Strela-I and its modifications; the country first crawler self-propelled SAM system at close-in defensive line Strela-10 and its modifications Strela-10M, Strela-10M2 and Strela-10M3 (Kitoboy).

Support Weapon - Automatic grenade launcher system AGS-17 Plamya and its modifications for naval (AGS-17M) and helicopter (AG-17A) mounts. AGS-17 Plamya is the combat-proven weapon of choice for today’s armed forces.

The enterprise gives much attention to science intensive civil production, thus since the 1960s their specialists have conducted research of the laser technology. It was KBtochmash that developed the first serial welding set SU-1. The set was exhibited in Leipzig fair and was the only workable specimen. Multipurpose serial high power laser processing station UL-2 and UL-20 were demonstrated in Montreal, Budapest, Bucharest, Rome and London expos. As well as first in the country serial laser photo coagulator OK-I successfully used in ophthalmic surgery and quite a number of other unique products.

In 1963 KBtochmash and leading Soviet institutes including Sternberg Astronomical Institute (a division of Moscow State University) conducted fundamental scientific investigation of laser optical location of the Moon. For that purposes they developed unique powerful (power up to 80 J) ruby laser processing station. Consequently the capacity of laser ranging at space distances was demonstrated.

Other significant sphere of science intensive civil production is the development of pacemakers. KBtochmash developed and clinically adopted implantable pacemakers EKS-445 and EKS-500 that are not inferior to foreign analogues. Scientific and technical solutions applied in EKS-445 were appreciated highly at Brussels Innova/Eureka (international trade fair for invention, research and new technologies) and awarded to the Gold medal with mention. The enterprise developed and clinically adopted 25 models of pacemakers.

More than 25 years KBtochmash has developed security products including different types of radio-metal locators. Quite a number of governmental institutions and private companies have been equipped by the products.


Kobra - Kobra is the world first tank guided weapon system. It is designed to fight tanks and armoured vehicles and provides artillery guided projectile firing from standard gun of T-64B and T-80B tanks in motion and stationary.

PAPV - Portable laser automatic device of optronic countermeasure. PAPV device is intended to create laser radiated pulse light interference for the optical and optronic equipment effecting counter observation and targeting.

Strela-10M4 - Air defense missile system (updated ADMS Strela-10M, Strela-10M2, Strela-10M3). Protection of army units in any forms of combat operations and on the march against air attack and reconnaissance means diving and flying at low and ultra-low altitude.

Sosna - Air defense missile system. The system is intended to protect against all types of air threats including high-precision weapons e.g. cruise missiles and guided aircraft missiles in the area of the system responsibility: in range - up to 10 km, in altitude - up to 5 km.

Palma - Naval automatic air defence gun system at close-in defensive line. Provides protection of ships against aerial threats as well as light-armoured surface and coastal targets at close-in defensive line.

Palma Aocs - Automatic optronic control system of small and middle calibre guns for navy and land forces Ensures detection, tracking, high-precision providing of full angles guidance and gun armament drive control. The system can be integrated into 30, 57, 76 and 100 mm guns put into the service with the navy and land forces.

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