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KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION established in 1976 has been playing an important role in the development, cooperation, and harmonization of the defense industries through the strengthening of their competitiveness, the facilitation of exports, the participation in research activities, supporting common interests.

In a rapidly changing global environment, KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION greets an era of newer challenge and growth. With the goal of becoming global leading defence industry, KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION is jumping up to be a global institute of defence industries by securing global competitiveness for member companies and diversifying support for businesses.

For the last few decades KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION has been striving to improve the performance of weapon systems and extend international cooperation through continuous technology development. As a result, Korean defense industry has grown as one of the core national industries that contribute to reinforcing national security, as well as revitalizing national economy.

Korea Defence Industry Association

  • 13th Fl, Sungwoo Bldg, Mapodaero 49 Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea, South
  • +82 2 3270 6056
  • +82 27 161 132
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