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  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

POLUS-ST is a well-established innovative company based in Russia. The Head Operation Office is located in Moscow while R&D and production facilities are located in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk. POLUS-ST has a 14-year-long history of providing high quality innovative perimeter surveillance products for large government and corporate clients. The company’s production facilities of approximately 5000 m2 are equipped with state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment. They currently employs over 250 people.

Border Surveillance - RADIOBARRIER is securing over 3500 km of state borders worldwide. Since its first deployment in 2006 the System has proven itself as a highly efficient solution for border surveillance in any geographical and climate conditions.

Pipeline Security - More than 3100 km of oil and gas pipelines and infrastructures are being monitored and secured with RADIOBARRIER system all over the world. The System is being used extensively by major players of the oil and gas industry for crime prevention and anti-terrorism activities.

Protection - RADIOBARRIER can be used as a stand-alone and self-contained solution for large perimeters' protection as well as an integrated part of multi-layered systems. Deployment of RADIOBARRIER as an early warning detection system provides security personnel with time needed to safely react to potential threats.

Rapidly Deployable Perimeters - The RADIOBARRIER System is an easy-to-use tool to provide force protection, fulfil reconnaissance missions and create temporary perimeters thanks to its ergonomics and flexibility. Perimeters can be set up around assets and create surveillance areas in just a few minutes.

Critical Infrastructure Security - Autonomous and wireless architecture of the system allows security staff to protect infrastructures located in remote and out-of-the-way places. Concealed installation of sensors significantly decreases the risk of system damage due to vandalism acts.

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Polus-ST LLC

  • Bldg. 2, house 9, Trofimov street, 115432, Moscow, Russia
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