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JSCo «PO «Sevmash» is the largest shipbuilding complex in Russia and the only shipyard of the country building atomic submarines for the Navy. The enterprise occupies an area of more than 300 hectares, includes in its structure more than 100 subdivisions and employs more than 25,000 people.

The basic directions of activity are: Military engineering manufacturing for Russian and foreign customers Navy; Marine engineering manufacturing for oil and gas production; Civil shipbuilding; Manufacturing of equipment for mechanical-engineering, metallurgy, gas-and-oil and other branches of industry; Atomic submarines and surface ships warranty repair and upgrading, utilizing; Design of vessels, marine structures, marine equipment, equipment for oil and gas production.

Some 45 surface ships and 163 submarines (among which 128 have nuclear power units) have been built at Sevmash since 1939. The enterprise is currently active building atomic submarines of new generation with ballistic rockets. They have been testing the head ship of project 955 – “Yuri Dolgoruky” and they are leading out from workshop the next ship of this series – AS “Aleksander Nevsky”. Within the bounds of the military-technical cooperation with foreign countries, upgrading of heavy aircraft carrier is being carried out; in 2005 two diesel-electric submarines were built.

Civil production manufacturing is focused on the oil and gas fields projects on the shelf of Arctic. The building of the first Russian marine ice-resistant stationary platform «Prirazlomnaya» – a unique construction for work in the Pechora Sea – is entering into its final stage. Civil shipbuilding is also an important part of Sevmash production. More than 100 civil vessels of different classes and purposes have been built since 1990 (tugs, mini-bulk carriers, pontoons, barges, fish farms).

The quality management system is certified by Certification Association “Russian Register” for compliance with international standard requirements ISO 9001, GOST R ISO 9001 and standards of system on development and putting in production defense technology (SRPP VT) in systems MRS, GOST R and Oboronsertifika. In 2007 «Sevmash» got a common international certificate IQNet. At present time the enterprise has more than 70 licences for different activities.

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