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  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

VDL Defence Technologies is specialized in engineering and production of mechanical systems, assemblies and parts for the defence industry. Processing under military standards of armoured steel, vehicle maintenance and the production of systems for track and wheel vehicles are only a few examples of their activities.

VDL Defence Technologies has the following accreditations and certifications:

Organisation: ISO 9001; AQAP (working according to: 2110 Development & Design; 2120 Production; 2130 Inspection & tests); ABDO 2006 security clearance.

Production & Processing: ISO 3834-2; TL 2350 (TL 2350 000-3 bending; TL 2350 000-3 cutting; TL 2350 000-3 welding according DIN 2303 Q1/Q2/Q3); Customer specific (armoured steel) welding certifications.

Machining - VDL Defence Technologies offers machining capabilities from prototyping to serial production, from small components to complete vehicle structures. Specialties include among others, armoured steel, armoured aluminium and titanium.

Engineering - Engineering is a strong point at VDL Defence Technologies. Conceptual design and detail engineering is performed both in-house as at customers’ site in customers' own native system. Systems used by VDL Defence Technologies are, among others, Uni Graphics, Solid Works and Catia. Their team has the required ABDO 2006 security clearance. This engineering work often results in manufacturing activities in one of the company's production sites, based on design-to-production and design-to-assembly principles.

Vehicle Conversions, Modifications and Maintenance - VDL has extensive experience in the production and assembly of vehicles. Also conversions and modifications are their core competences. The company’s services include testing, installation and maintenance. The vast know-how in the civil sector is used to offer efficient services on various locations including a state-of-the-art on-line service tool.

VDL Defence Technologies

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