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KIN Machinebouw B.V. designs, manufactures, repairs and maintains complex machinery, equipment and turnkey installations for various sectors including, foodstuffs, chemicals, manufacturing and packaging. The materials used for the company's products include high-alloy steels, as well as stainless steel and aluminium. These materials can be processed, installed and erected according to the customer's requirements.

KIN Machinebouw B.V. has a wide range of equipment at its disposal for machining, where the materials can be milled, turned and bored out. This includes milling machines with an x radius of 4700 mm, y radius of 1200 mm and z radius of 1250 mm, as well as various radial drilling machines with up to 3 metre travel and up to 100 mm diameter. There are also various boring/milling machines that can handle materials with up to 1800 mm x axis, 1250 mm y axis and 1250 mm z axis. Furthermore, the company also operates lathes up to 6 metres in length and diameter of 550 mm, as well as circular table milling/boring machines with a maximum diameter of 6 metres.

KIN Machinebouw B.V. has a clean room, a measuring room and our employees apply welding technologies for stainless steel, aluminium and various types of carbon steel.

KIN Machinebouw B.V. is certified according to ISO 9001 and authorized by Bureau Veritas to restamp products for materials with a 3.1 attest, to carry out welding techniques such as MIG/MAG, TIG and Submerged Arc, all in accordance with the requirements of ISO 3834-2. Also we can produce Pressure Equipment according to PED Module 2014/68/EU, including Module D (up to the highest category pressure vessel).

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KIN Machinebouw B.V.

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