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Hull Vane B.V. is the sole licensed producer of the patented Hull Vane®, a submerged wing at the transom to improve the performance and seakeeping of ships. In the early 2000’s the Hull Vane® was developed for the Formula 1 of sailing, the America’s Cup. Hull Vane B.V. has been operating as an independent company since 2014.

Hull Vane B.V. currently designs and builds four devices to improve your vessel’s performance and seakeeping – all four essentially submerged wings. The vessel’s size and speed-to-length ratio determine which device would work best.

The Hull Vane® is a patented partial hydrofoil designed to reduce a displacement or semi-displacement vessel’s resistance. Combining computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and their expertise in hydrodynamics, the company customises and optimises the Hull Vane® for each individual vessel.

It essentially converts the stern wave’s energy into forward thrust. This has proven highly effective on medium-speed displacement vessels, such as superyachts, naval ships, patrol vessels, passenger ships, offshore supply vessels, ro-ro ships and certain container ships. And when sailing in waves, the Hull Vane® damps the vessel’s pitching and rolling motions, which results in improved on-board comfort and reduced wave resistance.

In 2019, Hull Vane B.V. launched an active version in partnership with Naiad Dynamics called the Dynamic Hull Vane®, followed only a year later by their all-new Foil Assist appendage, specially designed for planing vessels.

The company has built over forty Hull Vanes to date and more than validated their initial concept with extensive before-and-after trials and through intensive commercial use.


Hull Vane B.V.

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