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The IR&D Company specializes in the design and manufacture of intelligent thermal sighting and surveillance systems used for defense, security and hunting.

Giving the future a hand to arrive is our goal. We achieve it by creating the innovative technologies. While no one has intentions to change the thermal imaging systems environment, our team has probably worked on it.

Effective collaboration of our own engineering design center and powerful industrial base allows us to produce unique sighting and surveillance systems which have no analogues in the world in the field of functional and technical solutions.

Continuous improvement of existing models and production of new models guarantee the IR&D Company a trendsetting position in the sphere of thermal sighting and surveillance.

The use of infrared sensors from leading manufacturers and own developed laser rangefinder in the equipment allows to accomplish assigned tasks in all weather conditions, e.g. rain, snow, fog, as well as in absolute darkness, smoke, etc.

Built-in analytics allows you not only to take into account and automatically adjust the device operation on the basis of distance, temperature, wind speed and so on, but also to connect and coordinate individual systems as a complex, combining all data, coordinates and settings of the users and observed objects into a real time controlled unified system.

The IR&D’s production facilities, which are located within the EU, allow us to minimize the production time and optimize the equipment cost in all global markets, regardless of their location.

Applying a flexible price policy and taking into account customers’ requests we are able to find optimal solutions for any End Users’ tasks.

Industrial and scientific potential of the IR&D Company allows us to provide for any required volume of products within the optimal timing after placing orders.

Constant demonstrations and presentations around the world allow customers to be always aware of new products and receive technical advice in the example of the actual use of IR&D products.

IR&D Infrared Research and Development, SPRL

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