Last Update June 8, 2023


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Nightvision Lasers Spain (NVLS) is a privately owned Spanish company engaged in the design, production and sales of high-end, man-portable, optronic systems. As the leader in the Spanish market and the main night vision exporter, it produces monocular and binocular night vision systems, night vision observation and fire sights, thermal goggles and sights and compact laser systems.

Product range:

  • Ruggedized, ultra-lightweight 18-mm multi-function night vision monoculars.
  • Ultra-compact 16-mm MINIMUS monocular (<170 grams).
  • Ultralight ANVIS pilot goggles.
  • Thermal viewfinders.
  • Multi-sensor day/night observation binoculars.
  • Compact multi-function laser rangefinders.
  • High power IR laser designators / illuminators.

Nightvision Lasers Spain (NVLS)

  • C/ Aragoneses, 3 BIS, 28109 Alcobendas (Madrid) , Spain
  • +34 913810600
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