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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

Ch. & D Orfanidis S.A., a tale of continuing success. From the first years right up to the rapidly changing environment of today, the company’s story has been a tale of continuous effort, rising to challenges and accumulating technical experience and know-how.

The company began operations in the early 20th century in Constantinople. It relocated to Thessaloniki in 1923 and today its registered offices are next to the Sindos Industrial Area in the Municipality of Echedoro not far from the centre of Thessaloniki. Our company’s main goal today is to meet the requirements of the growing Greek heavy industry sector in terms of:

- integrated production lines
- spare parts and accessories
- technical services
- technical – construction solutions

The company has also become firmly established as an important supplier for the Greek Army in the following sectors:

- telecommunications equipment
- construction of armoured vehicles
- manufacture of spare parts (for artillery units, armoured vehicles, etc.)
- support for military labs

Thanks to its involvement in these fields the company has developed an outstanding level of technical knowledge and experience, coupled with a high degree of flexibility. It can easily adapt to the customer requirements, providing reliable technical solutions and achieving high quality standards. In addition, our company is today the best equipped metal processing plant in all of Northern Greece and one of the best equipped in the entire Balkan region.

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Ch. & D Orfanidis S.A.

  • Verias Str. 86, (N. Magnesia), Thessaloniki, Greece
  • +30 2310 781154
  • +30 2310 781204
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