As a key platform for the enhancement of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, UAV systems have great potential to meet requirements as an affordable and effective tool for the Armed Forces in Central and Eastern Europe. With a strong regional interest in growing this capability, common security concerns and a need for enhanced situational awareness, UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe will aim to proactively discuss the strategies and technologies that will maximise UAV’s effectiveness during training and missions

Key Focuses:

• Global Overview of UAV Capabilities
• Eastern European updates on UAV Capabilities
• The Use of UAV for Reconnaissance and Surveillance
• UAV Technology

Benefits of Attending:

• The only conference focused on the procurement and development of UAV capability in Central and Eastern Europe
• Explore the current needs and challenges facing the region and gain an understanding of UAV’s role in optimising command and control
• Meet senior representatives from leading CEE nations that are actively acquiring and upgrading their UAV capability
• Hear the very latest technological developments from research and industry

Register by:

• 31st May to save £300
• 30th June to save £200
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For more information, contact Theresa Chung at:

Opening Date:27/09/2017
Closing Date:28/09/2017
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