Air space is becoming increasingly complex and dangerous. Smart missile systems, the proliferation of cheap drones and unconventional warfare mean the risk to air and ground forces are high. Therefore, troops require effective ground based sensing, commanding and firing solutions to defend fixed positions, mobile formations and critical nation infrastructure.
SMi are therefore proud to announce that the 2nd Annual Air Missile Defence Technology Conference and Exhibition is returning to Prague on the 24th and 25th of Ocotober 2017. This conference will bring together air defence operators, decision makers and technical experts from both the military and industry. Through national updated and highly focused presentations on key AMD issues such as Ballistic Missile Defence, C-RAM and Aerial Surveillance Fire Control; participants will be able to discuss the risks and the solutions available now and in the future to defeat threats from the air including missiles, rockets, artillery planes and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Benefits of Attending

  • National updates from operators at the heart of Air Missile Defence Technology
  • Presentations from leading engineers from the industry
  • Exploring enhanced cooperation at the regional and international level to deal with ballistic and aerial threats
  • Will cover the full spectrum of air defence: from detection and surveillance to kinetic and non-kinetic counter measures 

Who should attend

  • Head of Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) Commands
  • Chief of Integrated Air and Missile Defence
  • Head of Air Missile Defence Programmes
  • Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (CRAM) program managers
  • System Integrator Manager
  • Missile System Developer
  • Radar System Manufacturers
  • Heads of Force Development
  • Commanders of Air Operations Centers
  • Heads of Air Surveillance
Opening Date:24/10/2017
Closing Date:25/10/2017
Country:Czech Republic
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