The INL office in implementation of the project titled “Supporting Sustainable Reform in the National Police of Ukraine” is improving the effectiveness of police radio communications for which INL is requested to purchase the following Motorola repeater:



 Motorola SLR 8000 repeater is selected due to the fact that this brand is already in use by National Police of Ukraine, the beneficiary of this procurement.  NPU and other law enforcement institutions in Ukraine, such as Patrol Police, State Border Guard Service and NABU are already using Motorola equipment for their operations.  Furthermore, in 2014 Government of Ukraine issued an official order according to which radio communication on the border should be based on a single platform.  Additionally, the Government of Ukraine is pursuing a strategy of moving all its security forces to a single digitally encrypted system by Motorola.  In order to ensure compatibility and interoperability of the police communications with other GOV agencies in accordance to the order and in line with the strategy, the proposed communication equipment should be of the same make as the equipment already in use.  Moreover, the proposed Motorola equipment may be incorporated into the NPU’s existing maintenance and repair system, while items of a different brand would require additional arrangement for maintenance and repair services.  The proposed Motorola brand equipment fully meets the operational requirements of the NPU and other Ukrainian Law Enforcement entities.  The proposed equipment has all the required silent characteristics, with high reliability two-way radio service, seamless integration of voice and data, including Capacity Plus, Capacity Max or Connect Plus features. Finally, the fact that Motorola has a wide net of service centers throughout Ukraine ensures that warranty repairs and other warranty services will be readily available. For the aforementioned reasons, only the proposed make and model of the repeater will satisfy the NPU needs.


Publication Date2019-08-16
Procurement StatusFuture
OrganisationDepartment of State
Attention OfWeygandt, Antje L, Contracting Officer, Phone +380445215000, Email - Volodymyr V. Omelchuk, Procurement Agent, Phone 380445215747, Email
Address4 A.I. Sikorsky St. (formerly Tankova) 04112 Kyiv 1
Class DescriptionInformation technology services, including telecommunications services
SourceFederal Business Opportunities (FBO)