NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. ("NTA") is an Israeli government owned company in charge of the implementation of the mass transit system in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

1) NTA, in accordance with its obligations under the Israeli Mandatory Tenders Law, 5752-1992, the Mandatory Tenders Regulations, 5753-1993 ("The Regulations") and further implementing regulations promulgated thereunder, hereby invites entities and consortia from the private sector in Israel and abroad, to participate in a pre-qualification process for tenders for PPP projects for the design, finance, construction and maintenance of light rail train lines (the "Green Line" and the "Purple Line") in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, all as further described in the Invitation for pre-qualification (the "Projects");

2) NTA intends to conduct a 2-phased competitive selection process in order to select the private sector entities who will execute each of the Projects, in the following stages:

2.1) A pre-qualification process (the "Pre-qualification Process"); and

2.2) A separate tender process with respect to each of the projects, as shall be determined by NTA, in which those participants which will have been deemed to comply with the requirements of the pre-qualification process, will be invited to participate (the "Tender Process");

3) General Description of the pre-qualification requirements – the pre-qualification process includes several pre-qualification requirements, both professional and financial, with which the participants or other entities participating in the applicable consortia shall be required to demonstrate compliance, all as detailed in the invitation for pre-qualification (the "Invitation for pre-qualification");

4) NTA reserves the right to change and modify any of the pre-qualification requirements as well as additional prerogatives, all as set forth in the Invitation for pre-qualification;

5) Pre-qualification securities – the issuance of letters of guarantee or any other form of security is not required for the purpose of participation in the Pre-qualification Process;

6) Participation Fee – as a pre-condition for the participation in the pre-qualification process, and submission of a proposal thereunder, each participating consortium shall pay a participation fee in an amount of NIS fifteen thousand (15 000) (VAT included). Payment shall be made by no later than the pre-qualification Submission Date, in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Invitation for pre-qualification;

7) The Invitation for pre-qualification and any updates thereto shall be available for online review as of 12.7.2018, at the following website: (the "Website") for no charge;

8) Any questions or requests for clarifications shall be addressed in writing only to Tender's Mailbox: As part of the request, any entity shall provide details about its appointed representative, including its postal address, telephone and facsimile numbers and e-mail address. All notices and additional information pertaining to the Invitation for pre-qualification will be published on the Website;

9) Questions and requests for clarifications may be submitted by no later than October 15.10.2018, in writing in the manner and at the address referenced in the Invitation for pre-qualification. Written answers will be issued in accordance with the provisions of the Invitation for pre-qualification;

10) Participants are required to check the Website on a regular basis for any addenda, updates, postponements, changes, clarifications or modifications, during the Pre-qualification process and prior to the pre-qualification submission date.

11) Participants will submit their proposals to the Invitation for pre-qualification as an original and four (4) identical copies (five (5) altogether) in sealed and separate envelopes by no later than 14:00 (2 p.m.) on 13.12.2018 (the "Pre-qualification Submission Date") to the NTA's tender box, at the following address:

[NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System, Building A, 26 Harokmim St., Holon, ISRAEL]

12) This notice contains general and preliminary information only. Further conditions and requirements with respect to the pre-qualification process are as detailed in the Invitation for pre-qualification. NTA reserves the right to cancel, amend or otherwise revise the conditions of the pre-qualification process and its Schedules, all in accordance with the provisions of the Invitation for Pre-Qualification. In the event of any discrepancy between this advertisement and the Invitation for Pre-Qualification, the provisions of the Invitation for Pre-Qualification shall prevail.

Deadline Date2018-12-13
Publication Date2018-09-14
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaNot specified
OrganisationNTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System
Class Code32400000
Class DescriptionNetworks
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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