The contract concerns construction of a new town bridge over Drammenselva between Bragernes and Strømsø.

For Drammen kommune (Drammen Municipality) it is an important ambition that the new town bridge should be both a visual and functional boost for the town. The Town Bridge is one of Drammen's most central landscape elements in the urban space and is very important to the town's character.

The town bridge increases the width and gives more space for all traffic groups on the bridge. The new bridge will have an increased width to 19.4 m with a total length of approx. 255 metres. Public transport will be given a driving width of a total of 7 metres. Bicycle paths are placed on each side raised from the driving lane, only a few centimetres in relation to the footpath. The bicycle lane will have a width up to a total of 2.2 m on each side.

The new town bridge will be built in two contract with two different builders. Drammen Municipality will build a bridge from Bragernes, over the river, up to common foundations at Strømsø, where as part of the IC project, Bane NOR will build a new bridge over the track area at Strømsø.

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Extended TitleTown Bridge
Extended Description

The following main elements are included in the project:

— demolition of the existing bridge over Drammenselva,

— the contractor's rigging area at Holmennokken has been developed in a previous contract for a temporary footbridge. It is planned that the rive will be the main arrival to the bridge from Holmennokken,

— establishment of two new foundations in the river for the new bridge. There are poor ground conditions in the area, so the foundation job is considered to be relatively complicated, with piles to rock (struck in axis 7 and drilled in axis 8). The foundations must be carried out as underwater casting. For environmental reasons it is not allow to build more than one foundation at a time. The season for works in the river is from 15 September to 15 March.

The foundations in axis 7 and 8 are being optimised, so that a change in quantity must be expected when the final tender documentation is sent out.

— the bridge, which has three main spans over the river, is a cooperative structure with an underlying arched steel box structure working together with the bridge plate made of concrete,

— the superstructure of the bridge is fixed in concrete pillars in axis 7 and lies on moveable bearings in all of the other axes,

— as this will be a bridge with high aesthetic quality and with a continuously exposed bridge deck built in two contract, there are strict requirements concerning execution of this part with requirements for several test castings by both contractors,

— the intersection between the bridge and Øvre and Nedre Strandgate at Bragernes will be rebuilt. Bragernes square will be drawn all the way down to the river edge, where a larger pier structure will be established. The pier structure and the abutment are piled to rock and are well integrated in each other,

— a new technical room will be established in the abutments at Bragernes for control of snow-melt and electrical installations on the bridge,

— at Jernbanekaia the existing lift will be demolished and a new lift will be built,

— the snow melting system and conduits for cables in the bridge must be built in this contract over the entire bridge (also the bridge over Drammen Station).

Drammen Municipality will procure the following works in individual requests, that will be transferred to this contract as sub-contractors:

— delivery and laying of granite at Bragernes, across the entire bridge and at Strømsø square, as well as the stair amphitheatre and revetment around both of the abutments,

— delivery and assembly of electrical equipment including cabling.

Delivery and assembly of city furniture.

— this contract includes production of all railings. Railings for the bridge of Drammen Station and steps from the bridge will be assembled by Bane NOR's contractor. Demolition of foundations in the river for the temporary foot and cycle bridge, after the town bridge is opened.

There is a need for good and close coordination of the works in interface with Bane NOR.

Deadline Date2021-08-11
Publication Date2021-06-18
Procurement StatusActive
TypeCompetitive procedure with negotiation
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationDrammen kommune
Attention OfTommy Iversen
AddressEngene 1
Postal Code3008
Class Code45000000
Class DescriptionConstruction work
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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