Australian broadacre growers are facing increasing input costs with the rapid rise of fuel and fertiliser prices. Biofertiliser solutions offer a means to save on production costs, improve the quality of crops and take care of the environment. Biostimulants are natural or organic substances that enhance plant growth, development, and resilience. Biostimulants could potentially support sustainable agriculture but also contribute to reduced reliance on synthetic growth regulators and chemical inputs, thereby minimizing environmental impacts. As 70% of all food grown in Australia is exported, the importance of international trade in sustaining our agricultural sector is clear. There is an evolving consumer sentiment towards products that are cleaner and greener, including organic produce. This creates an opportunity to differentiate and add value to Australia’s agricultural exports. Biopesticides, (including bio-insecticides) can come from plants, microbes, or other organic sources. They have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional synthetic pesticides, reduced risk to non-target organisms, minimal residue levels on crops, and are highly compatible with integrated pest management practices.. An understanding of the potential impact of the product types and categories is necessary to inform future research direction.

Deadline DateNone Provided
Publication Date2024-04-22
Procurement StatusActive
SourceAustralian Government Tender System (AusTender)

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