Meditation Expert Lynne Goldberg To Launch New Meditation Lifestyle App, "Breethe"

NEW YORK, June 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Certified meditation coach and founder of the popular meditation app, OMG. I Can Meditate!, Lynne Goldberg, is announcing the official launch of the next generation of the app which will be re-named Breethe.

Breethe builds on the success of OMG. I Can Meditate! as one of the world's top meditation apps and the easiest way to meditate, and now sets its sights on becoming the definitive companion app to help people enjoy a lifestyle of calm and balance. As more and more people are experiencing the benefits of meditation, they are seeking to integrate these benefits into all aspects of their daily lives.

Breethe accompanies users throughout the day - from morning wake-up to bedtime, and everything in between - providing them with supportive tools and guidance every step of the way, to keep them on track with their practice. In addition to new content and features, the app has been completely re-designed to reflect the new brand.

"We are so excited to launch Breethe. Our goal has always been for the app to be a meditative companion; with you wherever you go, just like your breath. That's why we think the new name is so fitting," said founder Lynne Goldberg.

Although the name has changed, all previous content and features from OMG. I Can Meditate!, plus much more, remain. All existing users of OMG. I Can Meditate! will be automatically updated into the new Breethe app. For new users, Breethe is now available in the Apple app store, on Google Play, and via the web at

About Lynne Goldberg:

Lynne was once a Type-A, stressed out business executive who experienced the benefits of meditation first hand after a string of devastating life events sent her in a downward spiral. Through the power and practice of meditation she was able to transform her life and get back on a healthy, happy life path. Since then, she has been spreading the practice of meditation and mindfulness wherever she can, and has helped nearly a million people learn to meditate.

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