Terma introduces Service Certificate with new land-based radars

Terma introduces a Service Certificate with all new land-based radars. The certificate is the costumer’s guarantee for clearly defined service levels and guaranteed performance at no extra cost during the warranty period.

The SCANTER Radar Warranty Service Certificate will be included in all Terma offers for SCANTER Radar solutions for Surface Movement, Vessel Traffic and Coastal Surveillance from 1 October 2017.

The Certificate provides customers with guaranteed service levels for Terma SCANTER radars during warranty with regards to:

  • Support Lead-Time
  • Delivery Time for Spare Parts 
  • Repair Turnaround-Time 
  • Field Services Lead-Time

Terma has delivered and installed close to 3,000 SCANTER radar sensor systems worldwide since the early 1990s – initially tailored for VTS applications in ports and waterways.

Today, the land-based SCANTER product range comprises the SCANTER 2000 and 5000 Series Solid State Pulse Compression radars for use not only in VTS applications, but also in Coastal Surveillance applications and for Surface Movement applications in international airports on all continents.

View source version on Terma: https://www.terma.com/press/news-2017/terma-introduces-service-certificate-with-new-land-based-radars/