At IACP 2017 CODY Systems to Introduce New Cloud Information Sharing Network; Provide Quick Quotes for Agencies to Join Growing Nationwide Movement and Migrate Away from Legacy Systems Like Coplink

CODY Systems announces that it will unveil the next evolution of its thriving information sharing platform at IACP 2017. Leveraging the latest in cloud, big data indexing and semantic full-text search technology, is now available nationwide for all law enforcement agencies to sign-up quickly, on a SaaS basis, and join the rapidly growing list of agencies that already know and love the blazing fast, one-stop search across countless data sources across the local, county and state law enforcement landscape. Agencies can either deploy on-premise or in the cloud, and can join regardless of what RMS, CAD, Jail or other vendor system they use. In fact, already links in data from most of the prevailing RMS/CAD vendor databases across the country.

Also – With the news regarding the latest sale of the Coplink system, CODY also announces that is available now to replace and/or revitalize Coplink (and other proprietary systems) to allow agencies to quickly open up their data to fuel their information sharing missions. With a successful replacement of Coplink that formerly was in place at the Missouri Data Exchange (MoDEx), CODY Systems announces that its Technology platform shares over 200 million crime data records from over 800 agencies nationwide. CODY will be providing quick quotes for any agency looking for migration path options from a legacy, outdated system, like Coplink, at Booth #2213 at the International Chiefs of Police Conference in Philadelphia, October 24-26

CODY will also be offering demos of the all-new CODY Mobility App for Android and iPhone. CODY Mobility is the latest app in the growing stable of technology. The app is a fast, highly configurable ‘one-stop search’ app which provides instant, on-the-go search access via handheld device (available for Android or iOS at time of launch) to real-time data from your agency’s RMS system, as well as from any other number of sources, including CAD, Jail / incarceration data, booking data, active warrants, arrests, pawn data, property and evidence data, unstructured data and more, all alongside other regional, state and federal systems such as NCIC, NLETS, N-DEx and more.

CODY Mobility™ boasts the same high-tech features that users have come to rely on, including quick one-stop search across all sources with drill-down, link analysis and photos, the ability to subscribe/tag any entity (person, vehicle, weapon) to be alerted when ANY activity or changes occur involving that entity across all connected agencies, real-time warnings regarding citizen and officer safety, broadcast alerts sent to all officers in a network, and more.

CODY technology has embraced the cloud and is offering both its public safety suite (RMS/CAD, etc.) and the platform in the SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing model and alternative licensing options to reduce the cost to upgrade to CODY’s next gen solutions. With cloud data center options audited as compliant by states’ CJIS authorities, many RMS/CAD agencies and implementations have already transitioned to the cloud and new clients are doing the same. However, with CODY’s flexible architecture, agencies and consortiums can also choose deploy RMS/CAD and/or at their locations and still be linked in real-time with all other deployments, to create a true flexible nation-wide sharing network.

CODY will also be offering demos of its full suite of public-safety solutions, including RMS, CAD, Express RMS, and its recently unveiled apps for iOS and Android devices. Offering a variety of deployment and licensing options, the scalable CODY public safety suite can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud under a SaaS licensing model or through a more traditional licensing approach.

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Providing data-driven solutions to government, public safety, law enforcement, homeland security and intelligence agencies of all sizes. Solutions include the data aggregation and exchange platform, which provides real-time, cross-system information with one-stop search capabilities, as well as a full public safety software solutions suite -- Desktop RMS, Express RMS/CAD and Field Reporting, Cloud / Hosted RMS, investigations, corrections, etc.