Automation Anywhere Takes Cognitive Automation to Unprecedented Levels

Automation Anywhere Takes Cognitive Automation to Unprecedented Levels

IQ Bot gets an IQ upgrade with new AI skills

LONDON, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Automation Anywhere, the largest enterprise software provider in robotic process automation (RPA), today launched the latest release of its IQ Bot cognitive automation solution with additional native AI capabilities and more third-party AI platform integrations than ever before to enable automation of complex business processes.

Designed to assist and learn from business users, IQ Bot is the only cognitive bot that puts the power of advanced AI technologies in the hands of business users. The native AI capabilities in IQ Bot detect critical information hidden in unstructured data in ways that can be processed by other bots and applications to dramatically improve straight through processing (STP). By combining cognitive abilities with practical, rule-based RPA capabilities, organizations can quickly scale and up-level their Intelligent Digital Workforces to fully automate processes end-to-end and run them independently, with minimal human intervention.

"Automation Anywhere was one of the first RPA vendors to spot the need for automating business processes that handled unstructured data, for example documents and emails. Its solution, IQ Bot, complements its RPA and helps organizations extend the scope of automation," said Sarah Burnett, Research Vice President at Everest Group. "The enhancements in IQ Bot 6 should help organizations automate more processes and run them faster, as well as take advantage of third-party cognitive technologies."

With IQ Bot 6, Automation Anywhere has delivered natural language processing, greater document processing speed, and increased scalability which results in dramatic improvements in accuracy. It provides the ability to more easily automate a greater variety of complex business processes.

"Before today, only 20 percent of enterprise business processes that can be automated have actually been automated," said Abhijit Kakhandiki, SVP of Products and Engineering at Automation Anywhere. "IQ Bot uniquely brings the ease of use of RPA to cognitive automation, allowing business users to automate complex business processes by learning from human knowledge workers without the need for data scientists and AI experts."

Key IQ Bot 6 Enhancements
IQ Bot 6 includes these key enhancements:

    --  Enhanced Computer Vision that delivers 60 percent higher STP for
        document-centric process than any other solution in the market.
    --  Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows business users to derive
        meaning from unstructured content, such as email communications, in ways
        that can be processed by other bots and applications.
    --  Ability to leverage third-party AI platforms to automate business
        processes that may require additional cognitive skills like sentiment
        analysis, language translation, and speech-to-text.
    --  Ten times the scalability compared with IQ Bot 5 to support the
        processing of millions of emails or pages of documents monthly within a
        single system.
    --  Modern, responsive user interface optimized for business users which can
        reduce new bot development time by 80 percent.

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