T&G Nordic and Terma sign agreement on naval defense electronic equipment

T&G Nordic and Terma have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regardingTerma’s C-Guard Decoy Launching System.

During the Danish Royal visit to Finland, 13-14 September 2018, the Finnish company T&G Nordic and Danish defense group Terma signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

“With the signing of the MoU, we agree with T&G Nordic to explore areas of mutual interest”, explains Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen, Senior Vice President, Market Development, Terma. 

“Specifically, this entails a partnership where T&G Nordic supports Terma in the design, development, and production of a new test cartridge for Terma’s C-Guard Decoy Launching System, our renowned and globally sold naval self-protection solution to counter multiple missile and torpedo attacks,” Rasmussen says.

In return, T&G Nordic will become a part of Terma’s supply chain and have access to new export markets. The partnership is a result of Terma’s present and future dedication to Finland, where an increased focus on Finnish suppliers has revealed the potential of working together in several areas.

“We feel very proud to be chosen as Terma’s partner to develop and produce a new Test Cartridge for Terma’s C-Guard Decoy Launching System. Our project team is very skilled in wide areas of electronics, mechanics, and automation, both in terms of design and production. We believe that it has been one of the key points in the pre-discussions and proposals to make this new product. We are looking forward for a long-term cooperation as well as new business opportunities in the future with Terma,” says Kari Pekkala, CEO, T&G Nordic Oy.

T&G Nordic’s capabilities in R&D and manufacturing and Terma’s experience in the international defense and security market will combined create new business opportunities in the future.

The new test cartridge will enhance the functionality of the system by providing a solution, which enables system simulation scenarios, better control and usability for the operator combined with advanced setup parameters for the system.

View source version on Terma: https://www.terma.com/press/news-2018/tg-nordic-and-terma-sign-agreement-on-naval-defense-electronic-equipment/