New Sober App, Loosid, Launches in New York City

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Loosid, a new sober platform, announced today the launch of their mobile app in New York City. Loosid was born out of the need to unite the sober community and bring together people in recovery and battling addiction, as well as those who choose to practice sober living as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Loosid app is a first-of-its-kind community with a mission to bring the fun back into sobriety. It provides options for sober travel packages around the world, the ability to both create and attend events happening in your area, create or join sober groups, and a suite of recovery tools for those who need it most. Another key feature of Loosid is the dating option which unites people within the community that share the same lifestyle and connects matches with recommended events in their area.

"As someone who is has been sober since 2012, I know firsthand how daunting and overwhelming staying sober can be when drugs and alcohol was all you knew," stated MJ Gottlieb, Co-Founder & CEO of Loosid. "When I first entered sobriety, I thought that was the end of fun, so I invariably went back to using drugs and alcohol. Loosid was created to show the millions of people in recovery or seeking a sober life that, not only is it not the end of fun, it is just beginning. That's why we focus so heavily to create amazing experiences amongst the 100 million + people who are living a sober life. Having a suite of recovery tools is mandatory, however, showing not only the possibility, but the guarantee that you can have a life filled with excitement and unforgettable experiences is equally as critical."

To officially kick off the launch, Loosid is teaming up with TV personality, Kelly Osbourne who will be on-site at The VYNL in NYC on Thursday, November 15(th). Kelly has battled with addiction since her teens and is passionate about fighting off the stigma and sharing her own story of recovery to help others who have been struggling. As the initial launch includes users in the New York City area, the app will be unveiling new cities throughout 2019.

To learn more about Loosid and to download the app, please visit

About Loosid:
Loosid was born out of the need to unite the sober community and bring together those people in recovery and battling addiction, as well as those who choose to live a sober lifestyle for other reasons (a combined total of over 100 million people from all walks of life). Loosid's vision is to create a comprehensive digital platform for the sober community that celebrates the sober lifestyle while at the same time providing support for those members of the community in recovery or struggling with addiction. Through Loosid, it's easy to find other people who share your perspective, who know all too well that being sober doesn't mean life has to be boring. Loosid makes it easy to find new friends and even new love, to find fun sober events and destinations, and to find groups in your community and beyond that promote sober living. All at the touch of a button.

Loosid provides an entire free suite of recovery tools for the members of the community who are fighting to maintain their sobriety (that can be switched off for those not in recovery). In the spirit of service that animates our work at Loosid, we're pleased to announce the formation of the Loosid Foundation. The Loosid Foundation's mission will be the funding of research and policy initiatives designed to meet some of the challenges of the addiction epidemic that we've all been touched by, in one way of another. Though affiliated with the Loosid app, the Loosid Foundation is structured so that it remains independent and mission-oriented; the Board of the Loosid Foundation will always be composed of a majority of members with no financial interest in the Loosid app. To fund the Loosid Foundation and its goals, the founders of Loosid have agreed to donate 10% of all Loosid app's profits to the Loosid Foundation, in perpetuity. Our company's philosophy is live sober, love sober. In order to live sober, you truly have to love being sober. Let's embrace the sober life together.

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