AXEL Announces Official Token Listing on ProBit Exchange

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- AXEL announces the listing of AXEL Tokens on ProBit, following the
successful completion of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The official date is set for September 26th at 01:00 GMT. The team will kick off special activities to heighten the upcoming listing including an epic AXEL Quest treasure hunt, which offers AXEL users and participants around the globe the chance to explore the full AXEL ecosystem, and discover clues and wallets to claim their AXEL Tokens.

"Our listing on ProBit is an exciting step for the growing AXEL community, and will allow more people around the world to access AXEL Tokens for use on our platform," notes Ben Ow, President and CTO of AXEL. "The support we've received for our Masternodes along with the IEO enables us to reach new markets, which is a huge milestone for us, especially since our participants recognize how significant it is to join an established, functional decentralized project at the early stages."

Those who participated in the AXEL IEO on ProBit will be able to access the AXEL Tokens in their ProBit wallet approximately 24 hours before the listing. For individuals interested in running a Masternode, but missed the pre-sale and IEO event, registration is now available for a ProBit account to get started. The company greatly appreciates and values all participants and has been working to ensure that IEO purchasers, AXEL Token holders, and those who wish to purchase additional AXEL Tokens and Masternodes will have the proper platforms for these transactions.

The AXEL Network has experienced such rapid growth and the team has seen great enthusiasm from pre-sale participants who have chosen to use their reward Tokens earned to run several more Masternodes, in addition to the Masternode originally purchased. Participants will be able to watch their single Masternode purchase "multiply" when buying AXEL Tokens on the ProBit Exchange after the listing goes live, by simply taking advantage of the significant amount of reward Tokens they will be earning as early stage adopters.

ProBit Exchange is one of the fastest-growing exchanges in all of Asia, and with the ability to process over 1.5 million orders per second, it is one of the fastest-operating platforms in the world. Dozens of the top digital currencies are listed on ProBit, and the AXEL team is honored to soon join this exclusive list. Several activities have been planned by ProBit to kick off AXEL's listing on ProBit including a trading competition on AXEL Tokens and an AXEL airdrop program exclusively on ProBit. Details will be announced by ProBit in the coming days.

About AXEL
AXEL is committed to providing users with true ownership over their data with dynamic, easy-to-use technology solutions for file sharing, access, security and privacy, transfer, streaming, and integration, from one secure platform. The company launched AXEL.Network, a global decentralized network to help foster the movement from centralized to decentralized computing -- the next-generation internet.

With operations in North America, Asia, and Europe, the company's veteran 100+ member team built a suite of proprietary software products already used by millions of people globally, with patented technology and a user-friendly app that works across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The AXEL platform allows users to link digital content across all of their devices, without using a third-party.

For more information, visit AXEL.Network and follow us on Discord, Twitter, Medium and Telegram.