ATL Communications Announces U.S. 1st Transition from the SMS/800 TFN Registry MGI to API Connection

BEND, Ore., Oct. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ATL Communications announced on Friday, October 18, 2019 that they have successfully completed the transition from the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry Mechanized Generic Interface (MGI) connection to the new SMS/800 API v2.0 connection. Coveted as the first to complete this cutover, ATL has already noticed a vast improvement in stability, speed, and scalability for their ATLAS Toll-Free Number Management platform.

ATL Communications was selected as a beta participant of the SMS/800 APIs released by Somos, Inc. After a series of preliminary testing, ATL made the decision to begin developing their interface towards migrating to the new APIs. Ahead of the Telecommunications industry, ATL officially made the switch to the new APIs on October 2, 2019 and fully cutover on October 18, 2019; turning off their MGI connection completely.

"Our customers have already noticed a significant increase in speed for nearly all of the [ATLAS] portal functionality," Mark Bilton-Smith, President of ATL Communications, commented when approached about the benefits of making the switch for ATL. He continued to say, "Real-time querying is 14 times faster than it was previously on the MGI connection and switching to backup routing templates, in the event of a carrier outage, takes less than two minutes now. On average, the transition to the new APIs has bolstered a 500% reduction in the time it takes to complete SMS/800 database updates."

Chief Technology Officer of ATL, Ali Bijanfar, said, "Since switching to the APIs we have experienced zero timeouts," alluding to the fact that on the MGI connection ATL was experiencing upwards of 10 timeouts per day. "The added complexity of VPNs on the MGI were another potential point of failure. By switching to the new APIs, we have removed this risk entirely," Ali adamantly expressed.

Being the first to complete the transition affords ATL the benefit of continued innovation on top of this new, scalable set of APIs. ATL looks forward to adding functionality that was not possible on the MGI connection, such as:

    --  Toll-free IP routing
    --  Predictive search for vanity toll-free numbers
    --  Scheduling notifications and reservations of toll-free numbers when
        these numbers become available
    --  Toll-free historical data dating back to 1988
    --  Real-time two-way sync between the SMS/800 interface and ATL's ATLAS
        Toll-Free Number Management platform
    --  Toll-free CNAM data
    --  Increasing bulk query capabilities to 100,000+

"The future of toll-free begins with Somos, Inc. providing a modern foundation for SaaS companies like ATL to build upon. Once again, they have delivered! Since their rebranding to Somos, Inc. and under the guidance of new leadership, they continue to set the pace for future innovation within the toll-free number industry. The recent modernization of their toll-free registry platform is a monumental accomplishment," stated Mark Bilton-Smith when asked to comment on the FCC appointed Toll-Free Number Regulatory Authority.

ATL Communications is a leading SaaS provider of neutral toll-free number management, number administration, and local number porting solutions to carriers, operators, and enterprise businesses. Recognized as the first independent RespOrg, ATL Communications has been at the forefront of Telecom innovation, pioneering solutions for toll-free number management, disaster recovery, least cost routing, number data querying, and local number porting; simplifying the essential functions of these processes for businesses of all sizes. As the nation's most trusted and experienced RespOrg, ATL Communications strives to bring automation, control, visibility, and simplicity to complexities identified within industry-wide pain points. To learn more about ATL Communications, please visit,,, and or call 1-800-RESPORG (1-800-737-7674).

SOURCE ATL Communications