API Fortress Announces Unlimited API Monitoring for Internal APIs

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- API Fortress, the world leader in continuous API testing, announces an Unlimited Internal API Monitoring license, which allows companies to run any number of functional API monitors without paying additional metered usage fees. Metered usage pricing has contributed to a significant increase in QA costs for enterprises as their testing centers of excellence have encountered rapidly growing numbers of APIs. Modern apps and platforms need many more APIs, which involve an increasingly complex array of API calls to work properly.

Patrick Poulin, CEO and co-founder of API Fortress, remarks:

Continuous delivery with CI/CD was the start of an important trend for test automation. That trend has continued to evolve, and now companies are asking why can't their functional API tests constantly test and monitor business-critical APIs? With API Fortress, they can.

Just because an API monitor returns a 200 does not mean that the API is working. Some APIs even use a 200 to indicate that there is an issue. In this eBook of API Horror Stories from actual API Fortress customers, one of the world's largest retailers believed that their retail app was functioning properly. Then they were mystified by a dip in revenues from certain product lines. When they ran API Fortress functional uptime monitors, they became aware of an API bug that their uptime monitors could never have detected - the cache function of their API management platform was causing the wrong data to populate certain product listings.

Patrick Poulin adds, "With our unlimited monitoring, companies can detect API flaws early and diagnose API flaws quickly. You can schedule API monitoring on our platform without a CI (continuous integration) platform. We also let our customers deploy monitors on-premises, keeping all test and monitor data behind the firewall."

For more information, please visit API Fortress: Unlimited Internal API Monitors.

About API Fortress
API Fortress offers a continuous testing and functional uptime monitoring platform for APIs that helps organizations accelerate releases while decreasing risk throughout the software development lifecycle. The APIF platform was built from the ground up for CI/CD pipelines and microservices, and can be deployed on-premises, hybrid cloud, or cloud. www.APIFortress.com.

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