Ride with GPS Releases Mobile Route Planner

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ride with GPS, the platform for planning and navigating cycling routes, today announced a major product enhancement that will change how cyclists plan rides: their flagship route planner is now available in the Ride with GPS app for iOS and Android.

The Ride with GPS mobile route planner is a completely new design that takes the core ideas of their industry-leading web route planner, and adapts them to a mobile device.

"We've spent 10 years learning what it takes to build the best bike route planner. We knew expectations would be high," says Zack Ham, Ride with GPS co-founder. "I am incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished, and we are thrilled for our customers to start planning routes on mobile."

The new mobile route planner is fully compatible with the Ride with GPS web-based planner. It includes support for cuesheets, points of interest, interactive elevation profiles, drag-and-drop editing, and climb-aware estimated riding time. Estimated time is personally tailored to each rider based off their riding history.

"Things never go to plan, and being able to edit and create routes on the fly from my phone is really useful to me," says James Hayden, 2-time winner of the Transcontinental Race. "I can open the Ride with GPS app, make the changes I need, and I'm good to go."

Ride with GPS's mobile route planner includes additional "smart" features that simplify tasks that are difficult in other route planners, such as modifying an out-and-back route, changing the start or end of a route, and automatically correcting accidental deviations onto side streets.

"You can now plan, navigate, and share real time progress of your ride, all from the Ride with GPS mobile app," says Cullen King, Ride with GPS co-founder. "With this release, our app now offers a complete solution for casual and competitive cyclists alike, and we are excited to continue improving our software."

Download Ride with GPS for iOS and Android now, and start a free 30 day trial to enjoy the entire offering from route planning to voice navigation with offline maps.

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