Singapore Airshow 2020: Astronautics launches its CyberSmart-ATHENA – CA2C (CYBER/AI Airborne Computer) hardware for airborne/military AI and cyber-embedded solutions

Singapore Airshow 2020, 11-16 February, Singapore, Israel Pavilion Stand N29

4 Feb 2020. Astronautics C.A. Ltd. Israel – a supplier of airborne, naval and land civil and defence systems and solutions – will introduce, for the first time, CyberSmart-Athena - its cyber/artificial-intelligence (AI) computer platform for airborne/military AI and cyber-embedded solutions. The company will also highlight CyberSmart-1000, its avionics cyber-protection solution. 

The Athena platform comprises an embedded inference engine that efficiently runs cyber and/or AI algorithms, together with an on-board real-time computer with avionics interfaces - including 1553 and ARINC-429 - that are suitable for use in an aircraft environment. This enables 3rd party cyber solutions providers to run their cyber/AI algorithms on a fully-qualified airborne computer, resulting in advanced in-flight functionality, including: video-image recognition; threat-driven, dynamic decision-support system; smart responses for running processes based on advanced threat analysis; automation of complex processes; the making of smart system recommendations/ decisions and more, all with just a single piece of hardware.

CyberSmart-1000 is a unique cyberattack detection device, specifically designed to handle cyber threats to any avionic platform. Deployed within the platform's communication channels, the system detects any anomalies or abnormal operation which may be an indication of a cyberattack, malware activation or any attempt to jeopardize the normal operation of the avionics, and issues a real-time alert if a cyberattack is imminent.

“First and foremost, Astronautics’ avionics systems have been developed to enable mission completion and protection of the airborne forces,” says Menachem Donner, Astronautics’ director of business development. “Our Cyber/AI computer is one of the first examples of airborne cyber hardware, supporting any system integrator that wishes to incorporate their own cyber algorithms into a real-time avionic system".

“Our CyberSmart-1000 cyber alert solutions have been developed in a collaborative project by the company’s avionics and cyber teams, providing vital advanced solutions for protecting operational platforms against cyberattacks. Based on proprietary algorithms and real-time analysis of data and electrical signals over the avionics platform, it enables complete cyber protection of the platform.”

About Astronautics C.A. Israel

Astronautics C.A. Ltd. Israel – is a supplier of airborne, naval, and land systems, for civil and military applications. The company has built an impressive record of innovative, high-quality, battle-proven products. Solutions include avionics and embedded cyber protection with state-of-the-art displays and computers, including glass-cockpit avionics and digital moving maps, for military and civil airborne applications. Astronautics’ software is developed and verified in accordance with DO-178B (Level A), DO-254 hardware verification, and DO-160E environmental and EMI qualifications. The company also owns TSO authorizations and STCs for a number of its products and systems. Among its global customer base are some of the world's leading defence contractors and agencies.

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