The PIERCE(TM) Model For Performance and Leadership Issues Early Release To Help With Corona Virus Management

ATLANTA, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Originally set to be released in September 2020 and featured in the book "Training Leadership & Communication...the masterclass for professionals", one of the primary concepts in The PIERCE(TM) Model's "communication component" is being released months early to provide decision makers standardized baselines in approaches to "bending the curve" of the Corona Virus pandemic.

"One of the challenges that I have identified, is that there needs to be a greater baseline of standardization in how we communicate" says Solomon Carter, architect of the model. "Currently, too many different municipalities and entities are doing too many different things without a uniformed standard. And the absence of a true standard in any emergency causes confusion. And in line with the PIERCE(TM) Model, any form of confusion = risk.

"So, in theory, we may have a brilliant idea being utilized in let's say Atlanta. And then one state away, another municipality may be challenged in how to solve the exact same pain point without a meaningful solution. I recommend a central repository with a list of no more than ten primary categories that addresses the core challenges we face---along with standardized solutions on how to mitigate those obstacles. Because our fight against this pandemic remains the same for virtually all Americans spanning the four corners of our nation, and even the four corners of the world for that matter.

"For instance, healthcare systems and other stakeholders shouldn't have to rely on cable news to learn about an innovative solution to re-using face masks or about how small 'at home companies' are assisting with making face protection apparatus' using 3D printers. Government officials and other key stakeholders should have one 'central pallet of communication' that addresses the exact same issues they are currently or about to encounter.

"In line with the 'Communication Enhancement' solution within the PIERCE(TM) Model, as it relates to emergencies, the first surge needs to be a surge in effective communication! This surge in standardized information should start as a solutions repository so that independent jurisdictions/organizations can act independently of each other, and yet in unison, 'pick the invaluable fruit of knowledge off of the vine' so to speak, in order to increase competency in mitigating the challenges they face. Especially before the capacity to exceed healthcare for sick individuals is realized."

One of the model's foundational business communication concepts is that often, vast amounts of information, particularly if it's varied in nature, can degrade the qualitative value of the information received. Which in the case of information about Covid-19 would harmful. The PIERCE(TM) Model dictates that leaders often mistaken the term "more communication" as a quantitative value instead of a qualitative one. Which in the case of managing Corona Virus communications, will yield less that optimal outcomes.

Solomon further says "The PIERCE(TM) Model calls for one unified message, one theme, one set of solutions that people can access, and one standard made available to all of the necessary stakeholders and then surged, so that we may mitigate what will be the exact same challenges we need to solve as a nation. It is in part through these methodologies that our rate of success will increase."

The PIERCE(TM) Model was created by Solomon Carter who leads Emory Healthcare's Physicians Group Practices, Patient Financial Services, Office of Professional Development. He also serves as an executive with All Power in His Hands Christian Mission which is an aid organization that operates in Haiti.