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Nordic Shelter AS, has specialized in design and production of special container solutions for military and industrial applications. Additionally the company offers all types of standard freight and cargo containers, swap bodies and camp solutions made from high quality, pre-fabricated modules.

The main portion of the production is done in Estonia, Norway and Germany. Large scale production is done in China and USA.

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Contact info #1

Kjell Nordby
+47 6 932 2400
Director Business Development
Kasernegaten 47 N-1632, Gamle, Fredrikstad, Norway


  • 10 foot - 10 foot containers are delivered in standard height of 2590mm, but can also be delivered with height 2438mm (8foot). The container weight is approx 1400 kilo, and permissible payload up to 9000 kilo.
  • 20 foot  - 20 foot containers are delivered in standard height of 2590mm, but can also be delivered with a height of 2438mm. The container weight is approx. 2500 kilo, permissible payload up to 29 000 kilo.
  • 40 foot  - 40 foot containers are delivered with a standard height of 2590mm, but can also be delivered as a "High Cube" with a height of 2896mm. The length is 12192mm, width 2438mm. The container weight is approx. 4000 kilo and payload is up to 26000 kilo.


Refrigerated containers are delivered with "picture frame" electrical reefer unit. "Clip on" diesel generator set optional. Delivered as 20 foot or 40 foot. Standard, double doors in one end, but can also be delivered with personnel door (door-in-door).


Nordic Shelter supply swap bodies to the leading Scandinavian logistic companies. The company's range includes steel swap bodies, light insulated steel swap bodies and insulated swap bodies (FRC), complete with refrigerating unit and generator. Leg systems available to fit different standards and vehicles.


Pre-fabricated container modules can be transported as flatpacks and is set up in a few hours on site. The modules have long in-service life time and may be used for offices, quarters, messhalls, schools-/and/or medical facilities.


The container is equipped with an automatic Environmental Control Unit and a Dehumidifier Unit to ensure stabile temperature and humidity. Options include a diesel generator for autonomy and an advanced Monitoring and Alarm System which will report automatically via GSM phone.


Nordic Shelter deliver both standard and specially designed freight-/ and storage containers with CSC approval. The company offers full side-door opening (on one or both sides) in one or both ends. The container can also be insulated and different lining/cladding materials can be used internally. The container can be delivered with integrated hook-lift frame (DROPS) according to NATO STANAG 2413.


The container is equipped with diesel generator, biological- and chemical filtration system, "oversized" heating/cooling system, air filtration etc. The internal configuration may easily be changed from one mission to another which could be very useful and bring cost savings as well as operational flexibility. Nordic Shelter offers turn-key Mobil Hospitals, including medical furniture and equipment as well as "start up" packages with medical consumables.


The gas station can be equipped with one gas pump, several pumps, diesel, standard fuel etc. The concept has been tested and is used by several countries during military operations.


Nordic Shelter range of refrigerated containers is based upon experience from military users and it offers add-ons in order to optimize usability and reduce operating and investment costs.


Nordic Shelter can offer tank containers, different sizes and types purpose designed for safe transport, storage and distribution of fuel and water. The range also includes "pillow-type" and "onion-type" collapsible tanks offering easy handling and low investment cost.


The ConLift is a fully manual lifting system that will work in all climatic conditions, independant from electrical supply. The lift is available in 2 versions; 16ton and 24 ton. It enables safe and reliable loading and unloading in any location. It is easily transported and fitted to any ISO-container.

Nordic Shelter AS

  • Rosenborgveien 3 N-1630, Fredrikstad, Norway
  • +47 22 70 00 05
  • +47 69 32 24 01
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