Anixa Biosciences Announces Publication of Peer-Reviewed Journal Article in Biomarker Insights Highlighting Cchek(TM) Liquid Biopsy Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Anixa Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANIX), a biotechnology company focused on the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases, today announced the publication of a peer-reviewed journal article in Biomarker Insights. The article, entitled "Detecting Prostate Cancer Using Pattern Recognition Neural Networks with Flow Cytometry-Based Immunophenotyping in At-Risk Men," supports the use of Anixa's Cchek(TM) early cancer detection technology as a tool to improve prostate cancer detection and reduce unnecessary biopsies.

Cchek(TM) is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform developed as a simple blood test to detect solid tumors by screening for the body's immune response to the presence of a malignancy. The technology uses flow cytometry of white blood cells and AI to identify tumor-bearing patients.

The journal article, co-authored by Anixa with collaborators from the Wistar Institute, the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper and the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and New Jersey Urology, LLC, highlights study data demonstrating Cchek's(TM) ability to distinguish healthy men from high-risk prostate cancer patients with a sensitivity (the ability to identify patients with the disease) of 96.6% and a specificity (the ability to correctly identify healthy subjects) of 87.5%. In addition, Cchek(TM) demonstrated an ability to distinguish, among men scheduled for biopsy, those with high-risk prostate cancer from those with benign conditions or low-grade cancer, for which surgery is not required and a biopsy is unnecessary.

Amit Kumar, Ph.D., Chief Executive of Anixa and the study's senior author, stated, "The Anixa team is excited by the publication of our scientific paper in Biomarker Insights. Our goal with Cchek(TM) has been to develop an inexpensive blood test that accurately detects the presence of cancer by measuring the body's immune response. Based on these results, Cchek(TM) appears able to not only accurately identify men with prostate cancer, but also distinguish, with considerable accuracy, men who are disease free."

The Biomarker Insights article is available to view at the following link:

The journal article's lead author is George A. Dominguez, Ph.D., Senior Clinical Research Scientist at Anixa. The co-authors are Alexander T. Polo, John Roop, Anthony J. Campisi and Amit Kumar, Ph.D. from Anixa Biosciences; Dmitry I. Gabrilovich, MD, Ph.D from the Wistar Institute; Robert A. Somer, MD from the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper and the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University; and Adam D. Perzin, MD from New Jersey Urology, LLC.

About Cchek(TM)
Cchek(TM) is an early cancer detection technology, that measures a patient's immunological response to a malignancy by analyzing immune system cells in peripheral blood. The goal is to utilize the technology to determine a patient's cancer status from a simple blood draw, eliminating the need for a biopsy, which can be an expensive, painful and invasive procedure. Further, conventional methods using current cancer screening tests often lack accuracy and reliability. Anixa's orthogonal approach using flow cytometry coupled with artificial intelligence provides an alternative method that offers improved affordability, efficacy and efficiency. To date, Anixa has successfully used Cchek(TM) to detect the presence of 20 different cancers including lung, colon, breast and prostate. The robust cancer detection performance of Cchek(TM) makes it a platform from which multiple cancer diagnostic tests may be developed. The CLIA validated Cchek(TM) Prostate Cancer Confirmation (Cchek(TM) PCC) test, is the first commercial test developed with the Cchek(TM) liquid biopsy technology.

About Anixa Biosciences, Inc.
Anixa is a publicly-traded biotechnology company developing a number of programs addressing cancer and infectious disease. Anixa's therapeutic portfolio includes a cancer vaccine technology focused on the immunization against -Lactalbumin to prevent triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), a cancer immunotherapy program which uses a novel type of CAR-T, known as chimeric endocrine receptor T-cell (CER-T) technology, and a Covid-19 therapeutics program focused on inhibiting certain viral protein function. The company's diagnostic portfolio consists of Cchek(TM), a liquid biopsy technology for early detection of solid tumors based on the body's immune response to the presence of a malignancy. Anixa continually examines emerging technologies in complementary fields for further development and commercialization. Additional information is available at

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