Therapy Brands Launches HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Integration Across Multiple Products

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Therapy Brands, a leading software provider for mental and behavioral health, rehabilitation and substance abuse industries, today announced the phased addition of an integrated HIPAA-compliant Telehealth tool for multiple technology-based practice management products.

Telehealth services help practitioners stay connected and provide continuity of care for vulnerable populations. Recently, Congress passed the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act to provide supplemental funding and authority to combat the growing threat of COVID-19 in the United States. The legislation also waives Medicare Telehealth reimbursement restrictions, a benefit to a number of patients who utilize this service.

In March, ShareNote, a leading electronic health record (EHR) and therapy notes solution, was the first brand to adopt the Telehealth integration. Its newest offering is a simple and comprehensive Telehealth system that provides a digital method of communication to bridge the gap between patient and provider. Features include appointment scheduling, custom virtual waiting rooms, payment processing and more.

"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased need for access to therapeutic care, Therapy Brands accelerated our Telehealth launch timeline to meet the market demand," said Tara Clem, Vice President of Product at Therapy Brands. "It was important to offer our Telehealth solution to practices across multiple disciplines to make the biggest impact for our customers."

Beginning early next month, Fusion Web Clinic will be the first pediatric physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy EHR company to offer the HIPAA-compliant Telehealth solution. Providing another avenue for practitioners to reach patients who would not otherwise receive their specialized care is just one benefit of the integration. In June, two other products within the Therapy Brands umbrella will incorporate the integrated Telehealth solution into their platforms. KASA Solutions is a robust EHR company that offers credentialing, billing and a myriad of other services for mental health practitioners, and Procentive provides leading EHR solutions for mental, behavioral and substance abuse providers through every stage of their practice.

"Especially in the wake of COVID-19 and the trend in social distancing, it's more important than ever to offer consumers a simple and easy-to-use option to connect to the care they need," said Kimberly O'Loughlin, CEO of Therapy Brands. "Our top priority is to remain at the forefront of delivering practical innovation for our customers and their clients while maintaining patient privacy--and our HIPAA-compliant solution does just that."

About Therapy Brands: At a time when both topics of mental health and digital connectivity are at the forefront of the cultural conversation in the U.S., Therapy Brands is equipping tens of thousands of practitioners to effectively address the mental and behavioral needs of some of the country's most vulnerable populations. Through fully integrated practice management and EHR solutions provided by Therapy Brands, mental and behavioral healthcare providers are able to improve patient quality of care and support better health outcomes for those they serve. Therapy Brands is headquartered in Birmingham, AL and employs more than 500 people nationally. For more information, please visit us at

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