AirDroid Business Announces COVID-19 Relief Program as the Need for Mobile Device Management Increases

SAN FRANCISCO, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sand Studio, a leading mobile device management (MDM) solution provider, today announced the release of their COVID-19 Relief Program for AirDroid Business customers and prospective customers that need special assistance during the pandemic. As the need for mobile device management increases, AirDroid Business will offer special rates and discounts for companies, nonprofits and institutions that are being held back financially but need help managing their growing number of Android devices. AirDroid Business will provide consultation, demos or conference calls to guide businesses during their transition to remote management. Existing customers will also benefit from a 90-day extension period that can help ease financial difficulties during the pandemic. To learn more about the AirDroid Business Relief Program, click here.

"At AirDroid Business, we want to do anything we can to provide support and assistance to all of our customers and anyone who is in need during this volatile economic period," says Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio. "Many businesses are discovering their need for a mobile device management solution as they look forward and plan for the future, and with our program and experience we hope to make this transition as smooth as possible."

A diverse range of industries are thinking about how to adapt their current business operations to the new realities and are rapidly implementing remote management solutions during this pandemic including healthcare organizations, transportation and logistics companies and online education and distance learning institutions.

For example, healthcare organizations and government institutions are increasing the use of trackable Android devices to help monitor their COVID-19 patients to ensure that they are quarantined and keeping themselves and others safe. With AirDroid Business's Geofencing feature, the status of a device can be monitored and each device can be tracked to determine if they are within a designated location.

While storefront locations are closed, trucking companies are busier than ever as online shopping surges. Because truck drivers need to be in constant communication with each other and management, AirDroid Business can help monitor their Android devices, provide instant remote support if the business applications are not working properly and make sure drivers arrive at various locations on time with the use of the Geofencing feature.

As schools continue to be closed worldwide, some are shipping pre-configured Android tablets to every student to assist with at-home learning. IT administrators from these schools can use AirDroid Business to keep track of the status of all devices in one place and provide instant remote support to rectify any software issues that are preventing students from learning effectively. Also, students will see increased productivity levels as AirDroid Business's Kiosk Mode enables students to only access specific websites and applications.

To learn more about the AirDroid Business Relief Program, click here.

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As a pioneer in mobile device management with AirDroid being its flagship product since 2011, Sand Studio is dedicated to creating innovative solutions specifically for Android device management. With over 50 million downloads, AirDroid has been the most popular among individuals looking for easy ways to remotely manage their Android devices. Leveraging its innovation serving individual users, AirDroid Business extends the advanced technology to its enterprise customers. AirDroid Business is an easy-to-use mobile device management solution for businesses of all kinds, which fuses strategic and tactical smarts, delivering vibrancy to every business owner and IT professional managing Android devices on various remote sites.

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