Corona SeroStatus App Launches, Leverages Blockchain and Testing to Offer a Pathway to Reopen Economies While Protecting User Privacy

FRANKFURT, Germany, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today Anyblock Analytics, a German firm noted for its enterprise blockchain expertise, announced the launch of the Corona SeroStatus app. Many facilities, cities, states/provinces, and countries are eager to begin re-opening their economies. Yet with more than 4.7 million confirmed cases of coronavirus globally--including nearly 1.5 million in the United States alone--serious concerns remain about how to do so safely. The SeroStatus app offers a solution that's easy to use and which avoids the pitfalls of cybersecurity and data privacy issues with contact tracing apps and central databases.

"As stay-at-home restrictions start to relax and businesses start to re-open, there's a lot of concern about how to be smart about it, so that we don't see a new spike in coronavirus cases," explained Jens Griesing, co-founder of the SeroStatus app. "Unlike contact tracing that attempts to notify individuals if they might have been exposed to coronavirus from a person who tested positive, the SeroStatus app tells who does or doesn't pose a risk based on actual test results. And we do this while protecting individuals' data privacy."

Using the SeroStatus app is simple--if you know how to take a selfie and scan a QR code, you can use the app. Here's how it works:

    --  First, a user takes a selfie or scans a photo ID.
    --  Second, the user visits an approved medical professional. The medical
        professional can thus confirm that the person in the phone's app and the
        person in front of them are one and the same.
    --  Next, the user takes the chosen medical test, such as a coronavirus
        rapid test or an antibody test.
    --  Once the test results come in, the medical professional enters the
        result into their app and securely transfers it to the user via a unique
        QR code. Now the test results 'lives' on the user's phone, not in a
        central database.
    --  Finally, venues can screen individuals and admit or deny entry. The
        venue scans the user's QR code and sees the result, without accessing
        the user's private information.

The versatile app can document who's healthy (such as via a negative rapid test) as well as who's recovered from previous exposure (via a positive antibody test). This is crucial information for intelligently reopening businesses, venues, and services, including:

    --  Hospitals and other healthcare facilities concerned about employees and
    --  Major office buildings with hundreds or even thousands of employees,
    --  Meat-packing plants, factories, and other industrial facilities, and
    --  Casinos, conference hotels, sporting arenas and stadiums, and other
        large event venues

Just as importantly, the SeroStatus app does this with a decentralized approach--in part using blockchain technology--that protects user data. Approved medical professionals attest users' results, which are securely stored on a person's mobile phone without a central cloud database that could be manipulated or hacked. Venues scan a user's phone to confirm the results and approve or deny entry, without the user ever having to compromise sensitive personal information. This is another key distinction between the SeroStatus app and other approaches that use a central or even government-controlled database. With SeroStatus, everyone is in charge of their own data, while keeping that data accurate so venues can be confident in the results.

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