Kallpod Announces Launch of Kontactless(TM) Full-Service Mobile Ordering and Payment Solution at Multiple Locations Across the U.S. and Canada

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kallpod, a leading hospitality tech provider that facilitates real-time engagement between guests, service staff, and internal teams, has announced today that Kontactless(TM) is now available at select Hyatt, Courtyard Marriott, and Hilton locations, among others. Using QR code technology, Kontactless allows customers to place orders for food, beverages, and merchandise, which can be delivered to where the customer is sitting. Kontactless does not require customers to download an app, and once orders are placed, guests can make payments, track progress, and leave feedback -- all from the comfort of their mobile device.

"Kontactless represents an amazing step forward for the hospitality industry, and we are proud to work with such exceptional brands to bring this solution to the marketplace," noted Gabriel Weisz, CEO, and founder of Kontactless. "We began work on Kontactless in 2019 to meet growing guest preferences for a more efficient experience when dining out and attending events. Having built a significant footprint in the hospitality industry over the last decade, we were well-positioned to address customer concerns while at the same time increasing efficiency and productivity for operators."

To use Kontactless at a restaurant, bar, hotel, or event venue, guests simply scan the unique QR code at their table or seat. This automatically brings them to a custom responsive webpage where they can place orders, make payments, track progress, and leave feedback. Additionally, QR codes can also be featured outside and in parking spaces, so customers can order from multiple locations in their immediate vicinity. Orders can also be placed in advance and customers can alert the venue once they've arrived. Kontactless can be seamlessly integrated into many POS systems, and the company provides customized design and printing of QR codes on behalf of operators.

While Kontactless wasn't created for the COVID-19 pandemic, renewed awareness around increasing hygiene, reducing non-essential human contact, and limiting use of commonly touched surfaces makes this solution particularly relevant now. Just as importantly, Kontactless offers guests the opportunity to leave honest feedback about the overall experience and remain in full control of when orders are placed.

To sign up for a demo, visit www.kontactless.io or email info@kontactless.io.

About Kontactless(TM) and Kallpod
Kontactless is a subsidiary of Kallpod, LLC, a Los Angeles-based hospitality tech provider founded in 2014 by Gabriel Weisz and Steven Barrow Barlow. The company was founded to fill a gap in communication between hospitality service staff and the customer. Kallpod's proprietary and customizable platform improves labor costs and increases sales through streamlined, real-time communication between guests, service staff and internal teams. Since launch, Kallpod has partnered with many of the hospitality industry's leading names including Live Nation, Marriott, the San Francisco 49ers, Aramark, and HMS Host, among many others.

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