ScreenBadge Reinvents the Business Card for the Online Zoom World

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Application developer Yodel Code today introduced ScreenBadge, an iOS app that enables the millions of people around the world meeting in Zoom video conference calls to easily share their professional contact information. ScreenBadge lets people quickly generate digital business cards and share them with others in one step using QR codes, eliminating error-prone typing and the need for a third-party service or website.

Hundreds of millions of participants have flocked to virtual meeting platforms this spring, a trend accelerated by global shelter-in-place orders. For Zoom alone, in April 2020, the company reported a user base of 300 million daily meeting participants, up from 10 million in December 2019. Yet as the experience of face-to-face meetings has transitioned to virtual video conferences, people still have the essential need for seamlessly exchanging contact information.

"ScreenBadge reimagines the paper business card, a simple and extremely useful innovation," said Aleksey Novicov, founder and CEO of Yodel Code. "People value the convenience of a one-step exchange and having a badge of professional identity. We're meeting and networking with as many or more people online as we did in person before. Typing emails or registering for any number of third-party contact apps haven't lived up to the ease of use of that small paper card. It was time to rethink the paradigm."

With a few quick steps, ScreenBadge creates a digital business card as a QR code, adds it to a user-selected virtual background image, and exports it for use in Zoom. Users can choose to share their ScreenBadge by selecting the virtual background when they want to present it, and can have multiple ScreenBadges with differing levels of contact information. Others can easily retrieve the business card by scanning the QR code imprinted on the virtual background, and with a single tap add the contact information directly into their mobile device's Address Book, simply and seamlessly.

ScreenBadge is available for an introductory price of $1.99, from the iOS App Store starting June 10, 2020. Requires iPhone with iOS 13.

Yodel Code has been developing iOS apps in Palo Alto, Calif. since 2009. Its products are used by over 760,000 users worldwide.

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