"Fever Cameras" Show - IPVM To Hold Live Testing Of Systems Being Deployed As A COVID-19 Response

BETHLEHEM, Pa., May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- IPVM is holding a unique event to help educate on what really works and does not. Amid growing scrutiny of thermal imaging systems, colloquially known as "fever cameras", IPVM researchers have conducted world-leading tests. While sellers are marketing this as a response to COVID-19, IPVM research shows that these systems fail to detect elevated temperatures frequently.

With recent FDA guidance causing confusion, IPVM will provide the public an opportunity to review these systems live, ask questions to experts, and understand the limitations of thermal imaging.

During the event, IPVM will cover the following:

    --  Live testing of systems from: Dahua, FLIR, Hikvision, Sunell, Seek, and
    --  Where systems commonly fail at detection
    --  The FDA's role in regulating "fever cameras"
    --  Analysis of the latest FDA guidance
    --  Review of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards
        for thermal image screening
    --  Risks for manufacturers selling and marketing these devices

John Honovich, President, IPVM: "While the fever camera market is booming now, IPVM testing shows significant problems with these systems. Businesses and the public should not let the panic of the pandemic and opportunistic salespeople obscure the problems with this technology. Our 'fever cameras' show, testing, and reporting is the world's only resource showing what really does and does not work."

Event Details
June 2nd-3rd, 11am-3pm EST. This event is included in IPVM membership for more than 10,000 members. To register, visit: https://ipvm.com/reports/fever-camera-show

For members of the media and government officials, email info@ipvm.com for a complimentary pass.

About IPVM
IPVM is the world's leading authority on video surveillance. Since 2008, IPVM has conducted over 800 tests and released over 6,000 reports to analyze the accuracy of manufacturers' claims and to provide its members up to date research and information.

To learn more about IPVM and read its latest reporting, visit www.IPVM.com or follow IPVM on Twitter @ipvideo.

Donald Maye

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