Cubigo Launches Contactless Visitor Registration

SAN FRANCISCO, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the majority of states now entering some phase of reopening their economies, industries like senior living are facing a disproportionate challenge. Ensuring the safety of residents and staff remains the top priority, however families are growing increasingly restless to physically visit their loved ones. Cubigo--a digital platform specific to senior living--announced today their latest feature: a completely contactless guest registration module.

Following CDC guidelines, nearly all retirement communities have restricted visitation of non-essential guests. Globally operated Cubigo has observed what the reopening process looks like in countries around the world; and using best practices it has observed from clients, has formulated a way for visitors to once again be welcomed in a safe and efficient way. Community guests can preregister for their visit through either the Cubigo app or the web, picking an available timeslot that can easily be metered by the community to ensure proper space to avoid crowding. Upon arrival, the guest's temperature is taken and recorded by staff and is asked community-configurable questions. Visitors are then either confirmed and checked in or denied access.

"Within our first week of launching the module in Europe, we had over 250 communities start implementation to supplement their current Cubigo suite," company CEO Geert Houben said. "The trends that we are seeing are that the US is about 6 weeks behind Europe with regards to reopening. We could not have delivered this function at a better time."

As future enhancements to the module are fast-tracked, Cubigo's visitor registration capabilities will expand to dedicated registration kiosks, staff attendance management, name-badge printing, resident check-in and check-out, and contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. On the prospects of anticipated adoption rate, Cubigo's US Sales Manager Sean List has a positive prediction. "We are the only software solution in the industry to provide such a robust platform. Our continued innovation has proven to be a game-changer for communities across the globe."

About Cubigo
Founded in 2011, privately held Cubigo is the first fully-integrated software platform to connect staff, residents, and family members in a single environment. The visitor registration module was developed especially for this exceptional situation and is integrated into the wider Cubigo platform. Cubigo increases staff efficiency, improves workflows, fosters resident empowerment, and facilitates family involvement through the digitization of daily services like activities, communication, dining, maintenance, and visitor management. For more information on Cubigo contact or call (919) 437-2078.

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