Nabis Announces New Delivery Tracking Portal to Bolster Cannabis Distribution Safety

OAKLAND, Calif., June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nabis, one of California's largest licensed Cannabis Distributors, announced that the company has launched an entirely free software platform -- Nabis Tracker, a centralized portal for Retailer partners to Confirm Deliveries, Track Driver Status, Communicate in Real-Time with Drivers, and Manage Orders and Invoices -- to support transparency, communication, and ensure safety for both Retail Partners and Nabis employees.

The California cannabis industry has been decimated by recent global crises, beginning with the obstacles in providing continuous access to an essential product throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, and now faces an even greater challenge during societal turmoil of the past weeks, as dozens of dispensary partners have become collateral damage in a web of violence and looting.

In response to the industry-wide need for hope and healing, Nabis officially dedicated the organization to support Black Lives Matter and re-dedicated themselves to bolstering the community -- Nabis has donated to social equity groups who suffered grave losses, and has committed to re-investing all recent profits to the security of Nabis warehouse staff and drivers. "As an operator in an industry built on the backs of minority groups, we must acknowledge the atrocities that people of color continue to endure. Violence and prejudice have no place here, and Nabis is committed to supporting efforts to build a foundation of equality in the cannabis industry," said Vince Ning, CEO of Nabis.

The Nabis Tracker is an important first step in building that foundation, by providing free access and visibility into the ordering process, real-time communications and driver maps where both Retailers and drivers can limit their exposure to potential external dangers. Additionally, as users, retailers place delivery window preferences, organize invoices and historical orders, and invite additional staff members, which fosters a streamlined management experience, quicker payment cycles, and strengthens the bond between Retailers and Brands. Early retailer users have described the onboarding process as "a breeze," and found the site "very helpful and intuitive."

For early access to the Nabis Tracker, Retailer owners are asked to reach out to for an invite and can schedule hands-on training sessions with the team.

About Nabis

Nabis is a leading technology-driven cannabis distributor based in San Francisco, providing a wide range of services for the wholesale cannabis market including warehousing, fulfillment, delivery and data analytics. Nabis is the exclusive third-party distributor of more than 50 premier brands such as Buddies, Canndescent, Henry's Original, Ember Valley, and District Edibles into hundreds of dispensaries and delivery services across California. Founded in 2017 on a simple mission to modernize the cannabis supply chain, Nabis offers an elegant software solution for cannabis brands to effortlessly coordinate their distribution, in addition to its state-of-the-art warehousing and trucking infrastructure.

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