DeleteMe is protecting Protesters, Law Enforcement and Government Officials

BOSTON, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DeleteMe(TM), a service of The Online Privacy Company(TM), is experiencing high demand from all participants involved in recent US demonstrations. DeleteMe is a service that removes people's personal info including home addresses, phone numbers and relatives names from dozens of top online data brokers.

"We understand why nobody involved in political demonstrations wants their private information exposed from a simple Google search," said Rob Shavell, DeleteMe co-founder. "Freedom of expression is important and there should not be easy ways to find out where people live or to harass people just because data brokers have collected info on 97% of US citizens. DeleteMe has a range of options available to all parties and is offering up to $100,000 of pro-bono privacy opt-out removals for individuals concerned about their personal information who are also financially impacted by COVID-19."

DeleteMe privacy protection plan options include:

    --  Free "do it yourself" guides covering 100% of data brokers serviced
    --  Special discounted plans for at-risk groups
    --  Pro-bono plans for protesters and political advocates
    --  Law-enforcement specific removals for judges, police, lawyers and
    --  Executive plans for politicians and other public figures

Join DeleteMe today at Contact us for any special plan you're interested in - and tell us your story, we'll listen and we'll delete.

About DeleteMe:

DeleteMe is the leading online privacy personal information removal service. In business for over 10 years, DeleteMe's privacy experts have successfully completed over 25 million opt-outs from data brokers, ensuring consumers and businesses' online privacy.

About DeleteMe for Business:

DeleteMe for Business services over 30% of Fortune 50 corporations, with special plans for protecting executives, employees, and their families from harassment, doxxing, identity theft, phishing, telemarketing, robocalls, and scams.

CONTACT: Will Simonds, (425) 736-1528,

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