Userlytics Launches "Instant Access" Recorder for Remote User Research

AUSTIN, Texas, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Userlytics Corporation has announced the launch of an "Instant Access" version of its recorder, as part of its "Live Interview - Moderated User Experience Testing" suite of user research applications.

This unique capability allows a seamless and easy onboarding for all types of remote participants, B2C and B2B, and thus empowers organizations looking for a simple way to conduct remote qualitative market research studies and remote online focus groups as a means to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, CEO of Userlytics, "The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought into stark relief the need for remote usability and user experience tests and remote qualitative market research. By introducing an online interview moderated feature with no need for downloading applications, plug-ins or extensions, we enable seamless remote UX testing of both B2B and B2C participants."

The new live interview suite includes the "Picture-in-Picture" participant webcam + participant screen recording system of Userlytics, as well as the new "Instant Access" recorder, with no need for downloading an application or extension for participant onboarding. Quantitative metrics such as success/failure ratios, time on task, and system usability scale (SUS), as well as access to the Userlytics Global Respondent Panel with automatic translation and transcription, are also fully integrated into the platform.

User experience researchers, product managers, designers, and market researchers need an easy way to schedule, coordinate and conduct remote interviews and moderated usability tests, so as to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. The new "Instant Access" recorder of Userlytics is uniquely suited to deal with this fast changing environment.

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