What Is Citrox® And Why Is It Such An Effective Oral Hygiene Ingredient

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Canadian oral hygiene brand, Oral Science has been creating trusted products that sell to both customers and oral health professionals for more than sixteen years. Oral Science makes a wide assortment of oral hygiene products from brushes, toothpaste, gums, and medical products to oral rinses.

One of the star ingredients in Oral Science's popular X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus is a new, patented ingredient, called Citrox®. Aside from being completely plant-based and free from animal-testing, GMOs, and sugar-free, Citrox® is also environment-safe, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral. This means that Citrox® is extremely effective at killing detrimental bacteria and keeping the mouth clean and hygienic.

But what is Citrox®? Citrox® is natural, made from bitter orange extract, meaning it is safe for all users and hypoallergenic. Besides its antibacterial properties, Citrox® is also able to break down biofilm. Simply put, biofilm is the layer of grime on teeth that gives them the almost "fuzzy" feeling when they have not been brushed recently.

Biofilm is made up of different microorganisms, some that enter the mouth through eating, drinking or breathing normally, and some that are naturally occurring in the oral environment to help break down food and aid in digestion. While some of the microorganisms in biofilm can be beneficial and even protect the mouth from bad bacteria, maintaining oral hygiene is important for keeping the oral microbiome in good health. Too much buildup of dental biofilm can lead to bad breath odor, but more seriously when left unchecked it can lead to tooth decay.

Oral Science has two different strengths available for X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus, and it comes in both mint and grape flavor. While most of the products Oral Science makes are geared towards healthcare professionals, X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus has also been a hit among typical consumers, as well, because of its highly effective formula and great taste.

In addition to X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus, Oral Science carries products for use by every type of consumer, with some products that utilize fluoride as well as a line of fluoride-free products that are safe for use by all age groups. Making fluoride-free products that really work has been one of the company's industry-changing achievements since Oral Science is currently the only certified fluoride-free oral hygiene brand who can claim that their products actively prevent cavities. Oral Science works with researchers from acclaimed institutions around Canada, including the University of Toronto, they are able to back up the science on all of their health products.

Currently, Oral Science has products for sale through their company website, and this year they have been expanding their sales to reach customers across the United States. Oral Science is definitely a brand to watch as they continue their U.S. expansion throughout 2020.

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