NE-1 Helmet, the Evolved Face Mask with N95 Filtration, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ValhallaMED, a manufacturer of MedTech devices designed to fight Covid-19, today launched the crowdfunding campaign for the NE-1 Helmet(TM) on Indiegogo. Created for anyone, anywhere, the personal protective gear solves mask-related problems in the "New Economy" to provide visibility, clarity and comfort ideal for healthcare professionals, essential workers, the hearing impaired and anyone with preexisting health conditions.

While conventional fabric masks present breathing challenges, the NE-1 is the first-of-its-kind powered air purifying respirator for everyday use. The smart PPE uses nanofiber filters to remove more than 95 percent of harmful bacteria and virus particles in the air while providing constant, cooling air flow. Each helmet also comes equipped with an anti-fog, anti-glare face shield for a 360-field of view and Bluetooth audio to hear and be heard.

"Face masks have become an everyday essential and we set out to create a more ideal solution that would eliminate the need for disposable masks while offering the height of protection," said Chris Ehlinger, founder of ValhallaMED. "There are still many reasons to meet in person. Lack of quality air shouldn't inhibit us."

The NE-1 responsibly reopens the economy with an airtight neoprene seal, allowing effective coverage against exposure for high-contact workers. The helmet's unique, ergonomic shape accommodates a wide range of face sizes to meet the global demand of high-quality breathing protection.

The most advanced protection against airborne virus and dangerous air quality, the NE-1 Helmet is offered for both men and women at a retail value of $299. Consumers can take advantage of the early-bird special and pre-order on Indiegogo starting at $139. ValhallaMED is also offering a special reward level, "Give One, Get One," that provides helmets to frontline healthcare workers.

"At ValhallaMED, we're on a mission to take back tomorrow and the most important feature of the NE-1 helmet is that we are delivering it at cost. Every extra dollar will go toward getting the helmet to someone who needs it most," finished Ehlinger.

ValhallaMED has successfully brought to market a 3D-printed ventilator splitter and is currently testing an O2 adaptor that supports helmet ventilation without need for a ventilator. To pre-order the NE-1 and navigate the new economy comfortably and safely, visit the Indiegogo launch at

About ValhallaMED:
ValhallaMED works daily to fight COVID-19 and take back tomorrow. Founded during the coronavirus pandemic, the MedTech startup aims to enable rapid engineering of human-first solutions to improve healthcare delivery -- at home and in the hospital. The company's flagship product is the NE-1 Helmet created for anyone to navigate the new economy safely and comfortably. To learn more about ValhallaMED and the NE-1 Helmet, visit

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